Viridian Forest Quest

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Viridian Forest Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Viridian Forest Quest.

Starting Point
   Viridian Forest   
Butterfree's caught-data pokédex entry.

The Viridian Forest Quest is first started by talking to Grandma Louis in Viridian Forest. Grandma Louis wants you to get a Butterfree's data for her, which means that you'll get to keep the Butterfree. In exchange you will be granted access to the Viridian Forest Clearing, where you can train in order to defeat Brock, since the Clearing contains higher level Pokemon compared to the ones in Viridian Forest, as well as the chance to catch a Bellossom.


Step 1

Talk with an NPC named Grandma Louis, located at the southwest of Viridian Forest. Grandma Louis will ask you to show her a Butterfree.

Step 2

There are two methods to obtain a Butterfree:

1. Evolve a Caterpie which knows tackle, into a Butterfree at level 10.

2. Catch a Butterfree in Viridian Forest.

Step 3

Once you've obtained a Butterfree, show it to Grandma Louis and she will reward you with 3 rep, as well as access to the Viridian Forest Clearing.