Bell Tower Quest

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Bell Tower Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Bell Tower Quest.

Starting Point
   Ecruteak City   
3 Badges

The Bell Tower Quest begins in Ecruteak City by talking to Master Robin after defeating Kimono Girls at the house located there. After that there will be an entrance at the right side of Burnt Tower entrance.


  • You need to at least 3 gym badges from Johto. During Halloween 2013 Event it also required the 4 first gym badges from Kanto for Kanto starters only.
  • You need to have defeated Kimono Girls in Kimono House.


Step 1

Start by talking with Kimono Guard James in front of Kimono House, once you are in, defeat all Kimono Girls (Kimono Jade, Naoko, Asuna, Yuki, Sayo, Miki and Zuki) and talk with Master Robin. Master Robin will allow your entrance to Bell Tower all you need to do is to go out from Kimono House and head north where you can find a house near Bell Tower once you enter in such building you will enter in a cave.

Step 2

When you are in Bell Tower go to the third floor to find Professor Jones. Talk with him, and he will ask for your assistance to complete the studies; he WILL ask you for help with some missing scrolls.

Press spacebar in front of bookshelf to find the Ancient Scroll

Step 3

You will need to find 5 Ancient Scrolls hidden in 26 bookshelves around Bell Tower and Burnt Tower also it is randomly generated by the quest so it may be in different places for different characters.

Step 4

Once you have found all 5 Ancient Scrolls, return to Professor Jones and he will reward you 1 Soothe Bell. Congratulations!