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Bug is one of the seventeen elemental types that have been incorporated within PWO.

Type Effectiveness

Bug-Type Attacks

Offensive Damage Modifiers
 2× Strong against  1× Neutral against  ½× Weak against  0× Effectless against



Bug-Type Pokémon

Defensive Damage Modifiers
 2× Weak to  1× Neutral to  ½× Resistant to  0× Immune to




Bug-type Pokémon are habitatually among the more common Pokémon types to encounter, especially early on in a trainer's journey. Various Bug-type Pokémon that are huntable early on in a trainer's journey, namely Caterpie and Weedle, are fully evolvable at earlier levels than most Pokémon; this renders them statistically useful, by virtue of the relative ease of obtaining their fully evolved forms, to capture and train in the infancy of a trainer's journey.

Primary Bug-Type Pokémon

#PokémonType 1Type 2

Secondary Bug-Type Pokémon

#PokémonType 1Type 2


Twineedle Physical 25 100
Pin Missile Physical 14 85
String Shot Status 0 95
Leech Life Physical 20 100
Spider Web Status 0 100
Fury Cutter Physical 20 95
Megahorn Physical 120 85
Tail Glow Status 0 100
Silver Wind Special 60 100
Signal Beam Special 75 100
U-Turn Physical 70 100
X-Scissor Physical 80 100
Bug Buzz Special 90 100
Bug Bite Physical 60 100
Attack Order Physical 90 100
Defend Order Status 0 100
Heal Order Status 0 100
Rage Powder Status 0 100
Quiver Dance Status 0 100
Steamroller Physical 65 100
Struggle Bug Special 30 100