Cerulean Cave Quest

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Cerulean Cave Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Cerulean Cave Quest.

Kanto and Johto
Starting Point
   Cerulean City   
16 Badges
A Dragon Scale

The Cerulean Cave Quest begins in Cerulean City, by talking to NPC Gerald at the house located there. Gerald wants you to run some errands for him, and in return he will give you access to the Cerulean Cave B1F where you can battle a NPC Mewtwo(not-catchable).



Step 1

NPC Gerald wants you to bring him an Ancient Gem that costs PokémonDollar.png25,000, which can be bought from NPC Scotty which is located in the back entrance of Pewter museum.

Step 2

After buying it, return to NPC Gerald in Cerulean City. Talk to him. He then wants you to talk to his friend in Ruins of Alph which is located in Johto, to the South-West of Violet City.

Step 3

To get to the Ruins of Alph, travel to Johto and make your way to Violet City. From there go south to Route 32. Once in Route 32, keep going South until you see a building to the west. Go in and from there head down and surf across the pool of water. Enter the only available ruin entrance.

Step 4

Inside, Talk to NPC Ruin Maniac Carl. He will tell you some letters, which you will need to memorize because NPC Gerald will ask you for them. In case you forget, talk to NPC Ruin Maniac Carl again.

Step 5

Travel back to Cerulean City and tell NPC Gerald the answer. He will ask for one final thing, a Dragon Scale. A Dragon Scale can be acquired by completing the Whirl Islands Quest, or as a random drop from Horseas and Seadras after defeating them.

Step 6

Once you have the scale, give it to Gerald. Once you've completed that, simply talk to the Cerulean Cave Guard in Cerulean City and he will grant you access to Cerulean Cave B1F map! Congratulations!