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This is a list of some terms and abbreviations found in the game (and many other games as well).

[S] Shiny: A Pokemon which is sparkly and is a different colour than its normal counterpart. These Pokemon also have stat bonuses and are highly sought after. (eg. [S]Zubat = a Shiny Zubat). Be aware that this does not include shiny Pokemon obtained from the token store. Sometimes [NS] is used to refer to non-Shiny Pokemon, but this is not as common a term.
ADM Admin. One who watches over the other staff groups and takes charge when no one else is around.
AFK Away from keyboard. You will be kicked and temporarily from the server if you are inactive for 7 minutes
Ban To have your account or iP address blocked from the game server or forum. May be the result of repeated rule infractions.
Beta A final stage in game developing. PWO is currently in this phase.
BO Best offer; commonly used to advertise the best offer for a current trade or auction, which is still ongoing.
BT Battle Tower.
Buff Any ability that increases the stats of your Pokemon in a positive way.
CC Cerulean Cave.
Debuff Any ability that affects your Pokemon in a negative way.
DEV Developer.
DD Dragons Den.
EXP Experience Points. You must get a certain amount of these to level up your Pokemon.
FL Fishing Level, levels go up the more you fish.
GL Guild Leader.
GM Game Moderator. Game moderators are in charge of moderating and working on cases which involve the game or the forums.
GE Game Editor. Game editors are in charge of editing existing content or adding new content into the game.
CG Community Guide. Those who mitigate, or solve problems and maintain order.
MAP Mapper.
ART Artist.
CR Composer.
Hack To modify the game's programming to do as one desires. WILL result in ban.
Lag When your client is not synchronized with the server. This causes slowness, skipping, or randomly jumping around the map.
LF Looking for. A term used when one is looking for a certain Pokemon to buy.
Mart Short for the Pokémart, where you can buy items. Also refers to the shop where players put things up to sell that's inside the Pokémart.
MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, PWO is one such example.
Newb/Noob "Newbie" A person who is new to the game. Also refers to someone derogatorily who complains or spams a lot, etc.
NFS Not for sale.
NPC Non-Player Character, refers to a character controlled by the game's AI.
OHKO One Hit Knock Out, caused by moves such as Fissure
PC Pokemon Centre or Personal Computer, which is in the Poke Centre.
Poke, Pokes, Pkmn Short for Pokémon.
Pots Potions
Pball Pokéball
PM Private message. This is a message sent to individual users, rather than the whole chat. To send a PM, right click a player's name and choose "Message".
PvP Player versus Player, refers to battling another live person. To send a battle request, right click a player's name and choose "Battle"
PWO Pokemon World Online.
RB Random Battle, refers to battling another live person with randomly generated team. To send a random battle request, right click a player's name and choose "Random Battle"
Relog To log into the game again, by logging out of or closing the game, and then logging in again.
Rep Reputation Points. Previously earned through winning battles, now has no function.
S/T Selling/Trading commonly used in the trade channel to sell or trade there pokemon.
STAB Same Type Attack Bonus. This feature currently exist in PWO.
Troll Doing things in game or on the forums considered idiotic/mean while also being irrelevant. May result in ban.
wb abbreviation for "welcome back".
WTB Want to buy. A term used when wanting to buy something from another player.
WTS Want to sell. A term used when wanting to sell something to another player.
Uber (Stat) A specific stat with 28+ IVs.
TSS Token Store Shiny, colloquially referred to as TS (Token Shiny); a shiny Pokémon obtained on the Token Store. They differ in the sense that they have a minimum of 8 IVs invariably, whereas wild shiny Pokémon, caught in-game, have a minimum of 20 IVs in all of their stats.
Uber (Pokemon) Pokemon with Uber Stats in the necessary areas for that Pokemon to be as competitively viable as possible.
Epic Pokemon There are two definitions. 1: A Pokemon with 25+ IVs in every stat. 2: A Pokemon with Uber Stats in the necessary areas.
SS Screen Shot. It is a picture you can take using your computer of what is displaying on your screen.
WC Wrong channel — when a message is accidentally posted in a different channel than intended.