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Welcome to the Pokemon World Online wiki. Hopefully by the fact that you are reading this information, you are considering signing up to the wiki. Before signing up, please ensure you read our guidelines further down this page. The information on these pages are useful to current and future members of the wiki.


1. If you have any questions regarding the game itself then please ask them in the PWO Forums. If the problem is with the wiki itself, email or post on the PWO Forums. The PWO Wiki website is ONLY for adding new pages that are useful information to the players or using the info for your own reference.

2. If your Membership has been accepted, please do not abuse the PWO Wiki. Also, do not make any useless pages that are irrelevant to PWO. PWO and the Pokemon handheld games are NOT the same so information from the handhelds may be false in PWO. Make sure the information you submit refers only to PWO.

3. If the info you have submitted has already been added to the PWO Wiki, it may be deleted.

4. The pages you submitted may be edited by other members as it needs to stay up-to-date. If you feel one of the Group Members is tinkering with the info you submitted for illegitimate reasons, you may revert a previous update or bring the issue up with an Admin.

5. To save a page, click on the "Save page" button. Its recommended to check your page before saving and also if you could write a summary of the update you have made.

6. This is NOT a social group! This is meant to be a reference or an encyclopedia for Pokémon World Online so do NOT add irrelevant content.

7. Whenever you submit new pages, make them as necessarily detailed as possible. Look at the page from the perspective of a newcomer and make sure it is absolutely understandable. Assume that your reader is a complete rookie to using computers so provide very specific information and screenshots when it is appropriate.

8. When it comes to uploaded images, you must state the source of the image in the Summary if it is from anywhere that isn't connected to Pokemon World Online or from your own PC. Any images without a source when required will be removed.


If your account is found to be abusive, it will be blocked. If an alternative account is also found to be doing the same actions, then an IP block will be added and creating other accounts will not be possible. You will not be blocked due to being inactive. If the actions taken by your account don't warrant a ban, the action taken will be logged by the staff for future reference.

If you believe some error was made, then PM Bluerise through the forums or send an email to where it will be looked into as soon as possible.


To sign up for the wiki, you will require an active account on Pokemon World Online. This is in accordance with point 2 of our Contribution Guidelines. If you wish to sign up for the wiki, with a name other than your ingame name - it would be advised to include that in your reason. Your reason must include why you want to join the wiki. Please don't include reasons such as "We want to play the game" as those will be rejected. Your spelling and grammar will also be checked in your reason.

If you're going under the name of that used by a staff member - it will be confirmed with the staff member before a decision is made on whether to approve or reject the account.

Site errors and suggestions

If you have experience any technical difficulties or have any suggestions then please post on our forum (please note this is the wiki's own forum!).


All PWO staff who have an account on the wiki will be given power after the account is verified, this would usually be done before the account is even approved. Depending on your role in PWO, it will also affect what level of power you get.

The levels of staff are:

  • Editors
  • Wiki Masters
  • Administrators

You can see a list of the group rights and the members of the groups here.

Also note that regular wiki members can also be promoted to Editor.