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Curse acts differently depending on whether the user has the Ghost type or not.

Ghost-type Pokémon : The user will lose half of its maximum HP (rounded down) and put a curse on the target. If the user has less than half of its maximum HP remaining, the move will execute fully but cause the user to faint. A cursed Pokémon will lose ¼ of its maximum HP at the end of each turn. The curse will remain until the Pokémon switches out or the battle ends. This move is not blocked by Protect, Detect or Spiky Shield, but is blocked by Crafty Shield.

Non-Ghost-type Pokémon : The user's Speed stat will drop by one stage and its Attack stat and Defense stat will rise by one stage each. Despite being an effect acting on the user, this move will fail if there are no opponents on the field.

The user does not lose HP if Curse misses (due to a move with a semi-invulnerable turn), fails (due to the target already being affected by Curse), or is blocked by Crafty Shield.

Base Power
  • Level-up - read the list of compatible Pokémon below.
Pokémon that learn it via level-up:
# Pokémon  Level 
079    079small.png     Slowpoke---
080    080small.png     Slowbro---
092    092small.png     Gastly12
093    093small.png     Haunter12
094    094small.png     Gengar12
095    095small.png     Onix46
199    199small.png     Slowking---
208    208small.png     Steelix46
324    324small.png     Torkoal12
353    353small.png     Shuppet13
354    354small.png     Banette1,13
355    355small.png     Duskull30
356    356small.png     Dusclops30
377    377small.png     Regirock17
378    378small.png     Regice17
379    379small.png     Registeel17
387    387small.png     Turtwig17
388    388small.png     Grotle17
389    389small.png     Torterra17
399    399small.png     Bidoof45
400    400small.png     Bibarel53
442    442small.png     Spiritomb---
477    477small.png     Dusknoir30
562    562small.png     Yamask29
563    563small.png     Cofagrigus29
564    564small.png     Tirtouga35
565    565small.png     Carracosta35
597    597small.png     Ferroseed9
598    598small.png     Ferrothorn1,9
607    607small.png     Litwick43
608    608small.png     Lampent45
616    616small.png     Shelmet13
622    622small.png     Golett40
623    623small.png     Golurk40

  • Bold indicates the Pokémon gains STAB from the move.
  • --- indicates the Pokémon learns the move instinctively.