Dark Pulse

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Dark Pulse

The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts that has a 20% chance of causing the target to flinch

Base Power
  • Level-up - read the list of compatible Pokémon below.
Pokémon that learn it via level-up:
# Pokémon  Level 
092    092small.png     Gastly36
093    093small.png     Haunter44
094    094small.png     Gengar44
246    246small.png     Larvitar32
247    247small.png     Pupitar34
248    248small.png     Tyranitar34
442    442small.png     Spiritomb75
448    448small.png     Lucario---
461    461small.png     Weavile51
491    491small.png     Darkrai93
629    629small.png     Vullaby46
630    630small.png     Mandibuzz46
641    641small.png     Tornadus73
642    642small.png     Thundurus73

  • Bold indicates the Pokémon gains STAB from the move.
  • --- indicates the Pokémon learns the move instinctively.

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