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Donating to the game can help yourself as well as the game itself. The money donated is used to help run the servers for the game. As a thank you for donating, players may be awarded with 1,000 tokens for every USD donated. These can be used to buy Pokemon and items from the token store. As such with a donation, you shouldn't expect to get tokens if you happen to experience any problems. The purpose of a donation is to contribute.

Information About Donating

All donations go directly towards paying server costs, including hosting fees and bandwidth charges.

When you donate your money to Pokemon World Online, you should be aware that none of the money is used to pay contracted developers or current staff members as a payroll. PWO is entirely a non-profit community and as such is dedicated to using all donations wisely and for the improvement of the game as a whole.

In the past there have been several times in which PWO has jumped over its bandwidth limits or had its servers shut down (for multiple reasons, one of which was currency-related) and has had to go offline for a few days or weeks. Usually right after these events, the servers have had to have upgrades in size and capacity done to them, which calls need for larger, more expensive servers.

As of right now we have two active servers: One game and web server (where download files and other miscellaneous and/or update files are hosted) and one database server (includes the main website and When you donate to PWO, this is what your contribution is helping to support.

How to Donate

First you must log into the Playerdex before doing anything. The Playerdex gives you a lot of options after logging in, on the top menu, select "Donate".

PlayerDex Donating .


To donate, you will need a valid PayPal account, if you do not have one, you can create one during the next step.


Once you've clicked on donate PayPal will ask you the amount you want to donate as well as for you to either log on to your PayPal account or to create a new one with a valid debit or credit card to complete the donation. Once complete, PayPal will give you a confirmation number and a receipt will be sent to your email. Please make sure you have access to your email for this receipt as it is required in the case that there are any problems with your donation.

Receiving Tokens

Once you've donated return to the PlayerDex Donate page and click on, "Claim Tokens" on the right hand side to get the tokens transferred to your account. The tokens may be available immediately however sometimes it may take a bit longer, please allow up to 48 hours after donating to be able to claim your tokens. If after this time you do not receive them, report the issue in the PlayerDex Bug Catcher, under "Donation Issues".