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Electric is one of the seventeen elemental types that have been incorporated within PWO.

Type Effectiveness

Electric-Type Attacks

Offensive Damage Modifiers
 2× Strong against  1× Neutral against  ½× Weak against  0× Effectless against


Electric-Type Pokémon

Defensive Damage Modifiers
 2× Weak to  1× Neutral to  ½× Resistant to  0× Immune to




Electric-type Pokémon are among the more sparse, uncommon Pokémon that inhabit the wild in Pokémon World Online. Apart from Mareep and Chinchou, native to Johto, they are found the most abundantly in the Power Plant.

They are characteristically among the fastest Pokémon that are obtainable in PWO; Jolteon and Electrode, for example, are in the top-5 Pokémon in the comparison of Speed base-stat points.

Primary Electric-Type Pokémon

#PokémonType 1Type 2

Secondary Electric-Type Pokémon

#PokémonType 1Type 2


Thunderpunch Physical 75 100
Thundershock Special 40 100
Thunderbolt Special 95 100
Thunder Wave Status 0 100
Thunder Special 120 70
Zap Cannon Special 120 50
Spark Physical 65 100
Charge Status 0 100
Volt Tackle Physical 120 100
Shock Wave Special 60 100
Magnet Rise Status 0 100
Thunder Fang Physical 65 95
Discharge Special 80 100
Charge Beam Special 50 90
Wild Charge Physical 90 100
Electro Ball Special varies 100
Volt Switch Special 70 100
Bolt Strike Physical 130 85
Electroweb Special 55 95
Fusion Bolt Physical 100 100