Fighting Dojo Quest

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Fighting Dojo Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Fighting Dojo Quest.

Starting Point
   Saffron City   
5 Kanto Badges

The Fighting Dojo quest grants you access to the Splitting River Reserve, which is a location that provides you a chance to catch a Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or Hitmontop, as well as other rare fighting Pokemon after completion.

Hitmonlee is only catchable with an Attack Scroll.

Hitmonchan is only catchable with a Defence Scroll.


The Fighting Dojo quest begins in Saffron City, in the Dojo which is located to the left of Sabrina's gym. After defeating all of the NPCs inside of the Dojo, you will be asked to answer a series of questions by the Dojo Master. Upon correctly answering his questions, you will be given the option of choosing between the power of the "Hand", the power of the "Foot" or a third choice of balance between the two. Choosing the power of the foot correlates to access to a map where Hitmonlee roams free, the power of the hand gives you access to a map where Hitmonchan roams free, and finally if you chose balance you will have access to a map where Hitmontop roams free- giving you the chance to catch one of these rare pokemon.

Travel north to Route 25 and enter the Carved Cavern. In the Cavern you will find 3 NPCs: Chuck, George and Gichin; each one will only allow you to pass depending on your choice with the Dojo Master. Upon presenting yourself to the correct NPC, you will be allowed to enter the Splitting River Reserve where Hitmonlee, Hitmontop or Hitmonchan are available to hunt together with other fighting pokemon.

You will only ever have access to one of these maps at any given time, however, if you catch the "Hitmon" from your map and show it to the guard at the entrance, he will give you the option to change the map you have access to as a reward for your achievement.

NPC Trainers

Pokémon Trainer Pokémon
Battle Girl.png
Battle Girl Rain

Link=HariyamaHariyama                              Level. 37Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png
Black Belt.png
Black Belt Lee

Link=TyrogueTyrogue                              Level. 33256small.pngCombusken                              Level. 35
Ball2.png Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png
Black Belt.png
Black Belt Thomas

Link=MankeyMankey                              Level. 32057small.pngPrimeape                              Level. 34
Link=Machoke Machoke                              Level. 34Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png
Karate Master Anthony

Link=HitmonchanHitmonchan                              Level. 37106small.pngHitmonlee                              Level. 37
Link=Heracross Heracross                              Level. 40Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png
*Once Battled again, NPC's Pokémon grow stronger up to 3-4 times.