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Guilds are little groups within Pokemon World Online that players can create and join to. By being apart of a guild, it gives you access to that guild's bank as well as commenting system to communicate with fellow guild members. The main area for a guild on the Playerdex is referred to as the "Guild Hub" which can be found in Guild Central via the Playerdex.

Joining A Guild

To join a guild, you need to visit the "Guild Hub" for that guild. Depending on the guild, there will be different requirements. A fee of at least 10 Pokedollars needs to be paid to apply for a guild (prices might be higher (up to 5,000 Pokedollars) depending on the guild's settings). If a guild has chosen for members to be auto-approved, you will automatically be apart of the guild whereas if a guild has chosen for members to be approved by the leader, you will have to wait till the leader approves or rejects you. You are required to not be in a guild if you wish to join one.

Creating A Guild

Thank you for your interest in creating a guild!! However, there are some requirements that you must fill to create a guild. These are the requirements listed below. Please note that these could change at any time.

  • You Must Have More Than 1000 Minutes Of In Game Time *type /info*
  • You Must Pay 0.025% of the total amount of in game money (excludes accounts which are banned permanently or staff accounts)
  • You Must Have Over 150 Reputation Points *type /rep*
  • You Must Have Over 200 Wins *type /pvp*
  • Other Rules:
    • The Guild Name Can't Already Exist On A Case-Insensitive Search
    • The Guild Name Must Be 4 To 25 Characters Long
    • The Guild Name Can't Contain The Follow Characters: %, ', ", :, ;, ?, |, & , >, < And ','

Guild Features

Guild Bank

Every guild has a Guild Bank, which any member of the guild can use to deposit Pokémon and pokémoney to. The bank only allows guild leaders to transfer Pokémon and pokémoney outside of the bank, to any other member within the same guild.