Hidden Crag Quest

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Hidden Crag Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Hidden Crag Quest.

Starting Point
   Dark Cave   
Johto Passport

The Hidden Crag quest is a quest which requires you to capture two of Grandpa Duncan's favorite Pokemon which can be found nearby. This quest is only available to players who have a Johto Passport. Once completing the quest, you will be able to access the area, Hidden Crag, where you can train in order to defeat Falkner, since the Crag contains higher level Pokemon compared to the ones in the wild outside of the Crag, as well as the chance to catch a Heracross.


Step 1

To begin this quest, talk to Grandpa Duncan in Dark Cave West, which is located above Route 30, who is standing in front of an opening. He will tell you that he wants to see the picture of his favorite Pokemon, an electric Pokemon with fur. This Pokemon is a Mareep.

Step 2

From Dark Cave West, exit and go left to Violet City. Then, go south to Route 32. In Route 32, there will be grasses, which will give you a chance to encounter a Mareep. They are Rare in this location, so it may take some time to encounter one.
Note that there is a small bug on the mini-map which shows two Route 32's displayed, make sure to choose the one to the left, below Violet City. HGQ2.PNG

Step 3

Once you've captured a Mareep, go back to Grandpa Duncan and he will tell you the next Pokemon he likes. This time he describes it as "A rock Pokemon with no legs!". This Pokemon is obviously a Geodude, and can be caught in the very same cave you are in. They are Common in this location, so it shouldn't take too long to find one.

Step 4

The Hidden Crag Entrance

Once you've caught a Geodude, return to Grandpa Duncan and he will reward you with 3 REP and access to the Hidden Crag. All you have to do is talk to him again and click on "Yes" to access the location.