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IVs are stat determinants that factor into the outgrowth of your Pokémon's Stats. They are static, inalterable stat variables; they are genetic, and can not be altered, modified or enhanced in any way.

IVs are one of the only two dynamic stat variables that factor into your Pokémon's Stats; Along with EVs, they are contributory differential in your Pokémon's Stats, thus the factors that conduce comparatively better or worse Stats for a particular Pokémon of its species.

Due to the relatively weighty difference IVs can make in a Pokémon's Stats, players conventionally consider them more instrumental than EVs in appraising the value of a Pokémon.

Definitive Overview

IVs stand for individual values. All 6 of a Pokémon stats have its own individual IV. IV's are used to determine how good a stat is compared to how good or bad that stat can be. They can range from 0 (Being the lowest) to 32 (being the highest).

  • HP (HP) Shows the amount of health your Pokémon has.
  • Attack (ATK) Shows the power your Pokemon deals using physical moves.
  • Defense (DEF) Shows the resistance your Pokémon has against physical moves.
  • Special Attack (SPATK) Shows the power your Pokémon deals using special moves.
  • Special Defense (SPDEF) Shows the resistance your Pokémon has against special moves.
  • Speed (SPD) Shows how fast your Pokémon is, and based on that decides which Pokémon attacks first in battle.

Stat Determination

Main Article: Stats

The total amount of additive points IVs will produce is illustrated below:


In textual notation, IVs will produce stat points by IV/100, multiplied by your Pokémon's current level. The full outgrowth of IVs, at level 99 (maximum in PWO) , would approximately equate to a 1 stat-point difference. Since decimals will be rounded down, the maximal amount of additive stat points IVs can provide is 31, on the contingency that the Pokémon has 32 IVs in its stat.

Checking your Pokémon's IVs


IVs are primarily and predominantly inspected in-game, wherein they are much more readily checkable. In addition to the comparative convenience of checking in-game, IVs are more definitively checked; you will be able to check the single, definite IV value of your Pokémon in-game, as it's stored in the database, whereas 3rd-party IV calculators can only project an estimated range of IVs, based on the stats that were inputted.

User Interface

An illustration of how your Pokémons' IVs will be displayed on mouse-overs.

Your Pokémon's IVs will be displayed on any hover-overs of your mouse cursor on them, on your HUD or in the PC storage system; the latter tends to conduce cross-comparison of Pokémon IVs, especially freshly captured Pokémon, for those who are looking to capture a high-IV Pokémon.

IV Advertisement Hotlink

An example of how your Pokémon would be displayed if hotlinked in the game channels.

You may hotlink your Pokémon by shift-clicking them on the HUD, which will encode a link into the chat of its name; clicking on this link will retrieve information of the Pokémon, displaying its IVs. For an example of how the link will appear in the channel, refer to the right-hand pictorial explanation.

Alternatively, you may also hotlink your Pokémon via typing out the link, encapsulating the Pokémon's name in brackets—[Poke#], replacing # with the Pokémon's positional number in your party. For example, if Mamoswine was in the 4th slot of your party, you would type [Poke4] in order to hotlink it into a clickable link on the chat.

IV Commands

Main Article: Refer to here for syntactical information on the commands.

A subset of commands exists to allow you to inspect your Pokémon's IVs. While this method has lost ground ever since the client was updated to allow the viewability of Pokémon IVs on the interface, one variant of the command—the IV advertisement command, which posts IVs into the trade channel—is still commonly used.


When trading with another player, your Pokémons' IVs and the IVs of the Pokémon on your trader's offer can also be seen in the trade window, when your mouse hovers over the image or the name of the Pokémon.

Outside the Game

Since the IVs of your Pokémon are stored in the database, players are only able to check them on web pages that have access to the database, which is the official website of PWO only.


An illustration of how your Pokémons' IVs will be displayed on Playerdex.

The Playerdex feature allows players to access the PWO database. Players can check their Pokémons' IVs after logging in to their accounts.

Shinies and IVs

All Shinies caught in the wild in-game have IVs of 20 or more, whereas shiny Pokémon obtained on the Token Store are guaranteed 8 or more IVs, which is one of the reasons why shinies are so desirable.

Uber and Epic

Uber and Epic are both different definitions of a Pokemon having good IV's, though they both mean different things, and it varies from person to person what each can mean. A general understanding of what these definitions are, is :

Uber Pokémon - Pokemon with Uber Stats in the necessary areas for that Pokemon to be as competitively viable as possible.

Epic Pokémon - There are two definitions. 1: A Pokemon with 25+ IVs in every stat. 2: A Pokemon with Uber Stats in the necessary areas.

Uber Stat - A specific stat with 28+ IVs.

What Stats does my Pokémon Need?

Uber Pokémon means that a Pokémon has good stats in the stats it actually needs the most. That means it doesn't actually have to have all the IV's to be great, but that the good IV's are in the correct places. To try and figure out what Pokémon needs what stats, you will have to open up it's Pokémon page here or in another Wiki. For this example we will be using Growlithe and his page. First of all, you want to determine if your Pokémon uses ATK or SPATK more, to do this, look at it's move-set. Does this Pokémon's best move use SPATK, ATK, or both for it's best moves? In the case of Growlithe, most of his moves, such as Reversal, Flare Blitz and Crunch, are all Attack-based moves, which means they require a nice Attack stats. So a good Growlithe should have good Attack IV's. To figure out if your Pokémon needs speed, you need to look at your Pokémon's base speed and see how good it is compared to other Pokémon's speed, a Pokémon like Snorlax has horrible Speed, so no matter how good the speed IV is it's always going to be the last one to go so it's not needed as much as other Pokémon. A Pokémon like Jolteon who has high amount of base speed compared to other Pokémon, might need the Speed IV to be less as well since no matter what, it's most likely to go faster than half the Pokémon in game. The Pokémon that needs the Speed IV the most are the ones that are just average. The rest if not all of the IV's can be determined from a couple of questions.

1. What kind of attacks is my Pokémon going to take?
If you're more likely to take out you're Pokémon against Special type Pokémon that use Special moves, then your Pokémon will need SPDEF more then Def, if it's the opposite, then you'll need DEF. Snorlax that is a Normal type, and Normal types that are only weak to Fighting, will need good DEF since most fighting Pokémon use ATK based attacks.

2. Does my Pokémon need more of this stat?
If your Pokémon has a very low amount of that base stat compared to other Pokémon then it most likely doesn't need it. The aim is to utilize the full stat potential of that species with further enhancement from IVs.

3. Am I going to use my Pokémon as a tank?
Is the Pokémon you're going to take out going to be used to take on damage and give a lot of damage? For these kind of Pokémon, good HP and DEF/SPDEF is needed.

  • Yet these are just guidelines. Players may not follow the traditional roles of a Pokémon species in a battle.

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