Ilex Forest Quest

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Ilex Forest Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Ilex Forest Quest.

Starting Point
   Ilex Forest   
Hive Badge

This quest begins in the Ilex Forest by talking to an old man named Dweller Faref. He needs help recovering his Farfetch'd Leek lost somewhere in the bushes. Upon completing this quest you are rewarded with 10 Pokeballs, 5 Super Potions, 5 Awakenings and PokémonDollar.png5,000.

NOTE: You are only required to do this quest if you started in Johto. This quest is optionally completable for those who started in Kanto, but it is completely bypassable to them if they elect to do so.


Step 1

Start by talking with Dweller Faref, he will states his Farfetch'd was playing around and lost it's leek somewhere inside the small bushes. There are 6 bushes around this area and one will be the right one chosen at random.

The kind of bush you need interact within the area.

Step 2

By spotting the right Bush, you will be teleported to Ilex Underbrush, a place where 10 bushes can be seen. Each of them gives you a Leek but only 1 of these Leeks is the one previously dropped by the Farfetchd. Just choose one of them to obtain the Leek.

One out of these 10 bushes hold the right Leek.

Step 3

By returning to Dweller Faref you need to show the Leek. If it is not the right one you must return to the bush you were previously able to be teleported to Ilex Underbrush to try again the Step 2 otherwise he will congratulate you for finding the right Leek and rerwads you with 10 Pokeballs, 5 Super Potions, 5 Awakenings and PokémonDollar.png5,000.