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The game features a built in chat which is made of default channels as well as user-made channels. A user is limited to a maximum of 9 channels at a time. You can find a list of available commands on the command page.

Channel types

  • Global - Channels that allow user entry at all times.
  • Public - Channels that are user-made and open.
  • Private - Channels that are user-made however require a password for access.

Default channels

Channels listed are open to all players.

  • All - Open for all types of discussion as long as it's within the rules.
  • Battle - Open for battle discussions as well as battle requests.
  • Guild - Only available to players who are a member of a guild
  • Help - Open to players for any help they require with game issues.
  • Local - A channel to talk to other players on the same map as yourself.
  • Trade - Open for all trade requests to be made.