Johto Train Quest

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Johto Train Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Johto Train Quest.

Starting Point
   Goldenrod City   
Hive Badge
Johto Passport

This quest begins in the Goldenrod Station Entrance by talking to the old man named Danny. He needs help recovering his lost Train Pass that he seems to of misplaced somewhere. At the end of this quest you will be rewarded with PokémonDollar.png10,000 and 1 Transportation Ticket.



Step 1

Begin this quest in Goldenrod City by talking to the old man named Danny in the Goldenrod Station Entrance which is located in the top left hand corner of the city, and can be identified as one of the two buildings with smoke coming out of the chimney. Danny will tell you that he lost his Train Pass somewhere in the National Park.


Step 2

Exit through the north exit of Goldenrod City and make your way up to National Park via Route 35. Once you're there, you will find an NPC named Little Jimmy which will tell you that he gave the Train pass to a police officer in Violet City.


Step 3

Exit through the right exit of the National Park and make you way to Violet City via Route 36. Once you're there, talk to Officer Rebas. He will inform you that he had the Train Pass, but that he gave it to another officer, who locates at Route 32.

Step 4

Exit from the south exit of Violet City and you will be on Route 32. Find NPC Officer Cam at the bottom of the route, which locates next to the Pokemon Center. He will tell you that he also had the Train Pass but had it was given to a bug catcher who is usually in Ilex Forest.


Step 5

From here, you can either enter the Union Cave and go through Route 33, passing Azalea Town and making your way to Ilex Forest, or you can exit through the top of Route 32, getting through Routes 35 and 36 and passing by Goldenrod City to get to Ilex Forest. Once you're there, find the NPC named Darryn and he will give you the train pass.

Step 6

Return to old man Danny in Goldenrod City by exiting Ilex Forest through the north exit and via Route 34. Once you talk to him again, he will tell you the Train Systems got changed while you were away and it now uses Transportation Tickets instead Train Pass. He then trade the Train Pass you recovered with one of the Transportation Tickets he owns for your hard work and rewards you with PokémonDollar.png10,000.

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