Kanto Master Roper Quest

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Kanto Master Roper Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Kanto Master Roper Quest.

Starting Point
   Viridian City   
No Badges

This quest starts from the Pokecenter located in the Viridian City. A guy named Master Roper Reinhold is willing to teach the player how to use the Escape Rope, however this if for players that never acquired a Badge.


Step 1

Talk with Master Roper Reinhold inside the Pokecenter from Viridian City. He will refuse to give you this quest if you have more than 0 Badges as this is a begginer only quest. By talking with him, he will give 5 Escape Ropes and tell you to go out of the Pokecenter and use it to return to the appropriate Pokecenter.

Step 2

While this quest's progression is still optional. If you do not choose to spend one Escape Rope and get at least a 1 Badge after that you will lose the second reward for this quest, PokémonDollar.png 1,000.

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