Kanto Train Quest

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Kanto Train Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Kanto Train Quest.

Starting Point
   Saffron City   
Soul Badge

The Kanto Train Quest is a quest, along with the alternative Johto Train Quest, to obtain a Transportation Ticket, which can be used to board the train to travel between Kanto and Johto, as a faster method of travel.

Walk Through

Step 1

Upon speaking to Aid Libby, in the Saffron City train station, she will mention that you require a train pass to use the services of the train station, as well as both a Marsh Badge and a Plain Badge. Promptly, she will also mention that she heard that some one in Saffron City has a train pass.

In the row of houses under the train station, enter the only accessible house on the western side of the row, and speak to Monty. He mentions that he longer has his train pass, and he suspects that a girl in Cerulean City has the train pass, thus starting a chain of NPCs to speak to, to retrieve the train pass.

Step 2

Travel to Cerulean City, and speak to Cassie; she is in the north-east corner of the city, behind the house which is guarded by a police man NPC in front. She will tell you that someone in Celadon City might have the train pass.

Step 3

Travel to Celadon City, and speak to Mitch in front of the Celadon City Department Store; he will prompt you to speak to an NPC in Lavender Town.

Step 4

Travel to Lavender Town, and speak to Mike, who is the only NPC idling outside in Lavender Town, and he'll mention that you should talk to someone in Vermilion City about the train pass.

Step 5

Travel to Vermilion City, and speak to Sarah, who can be found in the Pokémart where she will have the Pass and will notice it was stolen. She then sorry for this trouble and will give you the Train Pass to be given to the Original Owner.

Step 6

Return to Monty's house in Saffron City, and speak to him. While you were hunting for his train pass, he obtained a new one due the new Train system, so as a reward for your troubles, he will trade the Train Pass you found with a Transportation Ticket. In addition to that, he will also provide you 10,000 Pokédollars.

Npc monty.png
NPC Monty

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