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What Is The Ladder?

The PWO ladder is a way to determine the best of the best. By participating in it, you can show everyone how good you really are, and really be known as the Top Pokemon Trainer. It works separately from the leader boards and is more in depth. It is only available on PDex v10.

Where is the Ladder?

The ladder is found by choosing 'Ladder' in the Playerdex Drop-Down Navigation.

How Do I Get On The Ladder

Your entry will be added to the Ladder upon completion of your first Ticket.

What Is A Ticket?

A ticket is how we track Ladder battles. It keeps track of who battled, and what they battled with, in addition to who won, etc.

How Do I Create A Ticket

To create a ticket, go to the ladder page. There, above the ladder, you'll see a link that says 'Create Ticket'. Click that link to create a ticket.

Do I Have To Create A Ticket

No, you don't have to. You're opponent can create the ticket and send you the link so you can sign the ticket. If he/she specifies you as the opponent, then you can also access the ticket through the 'My Tickets' Page.

What Does 'Signing' A Ticket Mean?

There are two forms of Signing a ticket. The first is when a person creates a ticket and leaves it open for anyone to claim. Signing an unclaimed ticket will make you the opponent. The second form of signing is when both users sign the ticket after the battle declaring who won and who lost.

What if I don't want to claim (Sign) a ticket?

You can 'Deny' the tick by clicking the appropriate link on the Opponent Signing Page.

How can I be sure my opponent has pokemon in my battle range?

If you are the opponent, then when you first view the ticket for signing/claiming, you will see a list of the opponents Pokemon Levels. You can use this information to determine if you wish to deny the ticket.

I Created The Ticket. Do I Get To See My Opponent's Levels?

When you create the ticket, if you check the box next to Creator Approval Required', then once your opponent approves the ticket, you too will be able to view his/her levels and cancel the ticket if you so desire.

I've Finished Battling My Opponent. Now What?

Once your battle is finished, you and your opponent must immediately go and sign your ticket to close it. On the ticket Signing page, choose you're result in the drop down and click Sign. Once you and your opponent have both done this, the ticket will be closed and the ladder points handed out.

What Is The Check Team Option?

If you feel that your opponent isn't using the team that you approved, then any time during the lifetime of the ticket you can choose this option to validate their (and your) team. Upon doing so, if the system finds that he/she doesn't have the same team, then your opponent will automatically be disqualified, and you will get a win for the ticket. However, you don't gain any Skill Points.

What Are Skill Points?

Skill Points are used to determine your placement on the ladder. The more skill points ou have, the higher your position on the ladder.

How Are Skill Points Distributed?

You get 1 Skill Point For Winning. You Loose 2 Skill Points If You Loose. You Start Off With 10. If You're Disqualified, You Loose 5. If You Fail To Report Your Ticket Before It Expires, You Loose 5. You also loose 35 for every week you go without completing one ladder battle.

How Long Before A Ticket Expires?

A ticket expires 3 hours after it is created.

Can I Go Into The Negatives?

Yes, you can go into the negative. If you are at or below 0 Skill Points and go 24 hours without playing, you will be removed from the ladder. Otherwise, you will keep going into the negatives.

How do I know if someone is honest enough to play?

You can review everyone's tickets on the Ladder. With this, you can figure out what happened and determine if a person is honest by if they signed their tickets, didn't change pokes, etc.

What About New Players? Won't It Be Hard For Them To Get On Top?

There Are 5 seasons a year. Each season will last 70 days, then shutdown for 3 days. At this point, the ladder will be reset and everyone will start from scratch.