Mean Look

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Mean Look

It prevents the target from switching out or fleeing (including via Teleport). The effect only applies as long as the Pokémon that used it remains in battle.

Base Power
  • Level-up - read the list of compatible Pokémon below.
Pokémon that learn it via level-up:
# Pokémon  Level 
041    041small.png     Zubat29
042    042small.png     Golbat33
092    092small.png     Gastly8
093    093small.png     Haunter8
094    094small.png     Gengar8
124    124small.png     Jynx21
169    169small.png     Crobat33
197    197small.png     Umbreon57
198    198small.png     Murkrow41
200    200small.png     Misdreavus19
238    238small.png     Smoochum21
302    302small.png     Sableye57
355    355small.png     Duskull38
356    356small.png     Dusclops43
477    477small.png     Dusknoir43
504    504small.png     Patrat31
505    505small.png     Watchog36
562    562small.png     Yamask45
563    563small.png     Cofagrigus51

  • Bold indicates the Pokémon gains STAB from the move.
  • --- indicates the Pokémon learns the move instinctively.