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Membership is given to players who have purchased it through the Playerdex whether it's via their own account or another player who is selling a membership card in the Playerdex Mart. The money from memberships is used to help pay for the current servers and could potentially go on to fund future servers for the game.

A list of membership bundles from the token store.

Membership benefits

As a result of getting membership with Pokemon World Online, you will get the following:

  • You will gain 15% more exp from battles. See EXP formula here.
  • You will gain double money from all wild battles
  • Your chances of finding the rarer, different-colored Shiny Pokemon in the wild increase by 300%
  • Your chances of getting the rarer, different-colored Shiny Pokemon in the in-game event vouchers store increase by roughly 200%
  • A discount from Pokemon on the token store will be applied with active membership.
  • Additional features in the PlayerDex Mart.

Please note that at least 6,000 tokens are required to purchase membership, and that you won't gain tokens for membership. For tokens, you need to do a regular donation.

Purchasing Membership

Prior to purchasing membership, you will be required to donate for tokens to cover membership bundle costs. Once logged in to playerdex, click on PokeMart, and from there click on "Items" under the "Token Seller" menu header on the left hand side.

Purchasing membership for yourself

From the token store list, you can see what Pokémon and items/bundles are available to you. For reference, a 30-day membership bundle costs 6,000 tokens, and a 60-day membership bundle costs 11,000 tokens. (Membership is prepaid only, and there is currently no subscription option.)

Once you have decided on an option, click on it's name. Once on the items page, select "Buy Now" to purchase membership. Once purchased, your membership will be available in the Global Link, you can head over there by clicking on the "Go to Global Link" button on the following page.

Once in Global Link, click on "Collect" on the left hand menu to switch over to the collect interface. Once there, make sure "PokéMart [TS]" is selected on the right hand options, and then click on "Save to Account" to transfer it over to your in-game account..

If you have an existing membership, purchasing another will extend the expiration date of your current membership. This means that a person can continuously have membership benefits without their membership expiring if they buy another one before the one they have expires.

Purchasing membership gift card.

Membership Gift Cards

You can also purchase Membership Gift Cards which will allow you to trade or sell membership via the Playerdex Mart for other people. Please note that you will not be able to activate the card on your account.

Not received membership

If you found that after 24 hours you don't have membership on your account, then you need to report it via the playerdex. If the membership was done by yourself, you need to report it via the playerdex. Please ensure that you provide a receipt.