Mt. Mortar's Quartz Quest

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Mt. Mortar's Quartz Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Mt. Mortar's Quartz Quest.

Starting Point
   Mt. Mortar   
Storm Badge
Wind Surfboard

The Quartz Quest is a daily quest from Johto Region which allows you to obtain Quartz, an item used to get Stealth Rock as move tutor from a NPC located in Goldenrod City.


Step 1

To begin this quest, talk to Rocky located in the entrance from Mt. Mortar 1F from Ecruteak's right exit. He will tell you can explore the rocks within the cave above where's he located to find the minerals. You must return once 5 minerals are found.

The Cave where all minerals are located.

Step 2

By entering the cave, the minerals were randomly placed there so you need to interact with the rocks by pressing spacebar to find them however, as stated by Rocky, there is at least 1 of them following the main cardinal directions including center. You need to searchs from the rocks located in the North, South, West and East. The South one requires Wind Surboard by accessing from a ladder.

Step 3

Once you have found all 5 Minerals return to him and he will reward you with 1 Quartz. Once you have 3 Quartzes you will be able to trade them with 1 Stealth Rock from a NPC named Steaven from a house near the Goldenrod's Pokemon Center.

Steaven will trade you 3 Quartzes for 1 Stealth Rock.