Mt. Silver Mini Quest

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Mt. Silver Mini Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Mt. Silver Mini Quest.

Starting Point
   Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside   
All 16 badges.

This quest is a mini quest in Mt. Silver. It allows you to battle Moltres, in addition to granting you access to the 5th floor of Mt. Silver, which is ideal for catching Larvitar.


Professor Adena

Step 1

Talk to Professor Adena. She is in the lab located at Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside. She will tell you that she needs 3 Molten Feathers for her research. She will also tell you that NPC trainers have those Molten Feathers, and one of them is in Mt. Silver 3F, while the other one is in Mt. Silver 4F.

Step 2

Go to Mt. Silver 3F and fight with the NPC trainer named "Hiker Goodes" inside the cave of Mt. Silver 3F. After defeating him, he will yield the first Molten Feather.

Step 3

Molten Feather behind Bill McGee

Go to Mt. Silver 4F. The second Molten Feather will be acquired when you press spacebar on the rocks behind the NPC "Bill McGee".

Step 4

Return to Professor Adena in the Mt. Silver Lower Mountainside lab after you obtained the First Molten Feather and the Dusty Molten Feather (the second feather). This time she will tell you that there is a hidden chamber behind a waterfall, and you need to find where it's located.

Waterfall Chamber

Step 5

The waterfall that Professor Adena previously mentioned is located at Mt. Silver 2F between two NPC bikers named Hiker Grossi and Youngster Lionel are standing. Press spacebar on the waterfall in the middle of the two bikers ( the Waterfall on the Left ). You will be asked if you want to enter the Mt. Silver Moltres Cave. After you take the two feathers to the chamber and have interacted with the obelisk a message will pop up saying that you should return to Professor Adena and tell her what happened.

Step 6

Return to Professor Adena and she will say that you should talk to NPC "Navigator Pressly" so he can escort you to Mt. Silver 5F. Talk to Navigator Bengt, who's located in the lower left corner of Adena's lab.

Step 7

After you reach Mt. Silver 5F, go to the very end of the floor and you will find an NPC named "Ethan". Talk to Ethan and he will battle you. You will then receive the Final Molten Feather after you defeat him. Note: If you lose to Ethan, you may rebattle Ethan again in 24 hours.

Pokémon Trainer Pokémon
Boy Ethan

Link=AipomAipom                              Level. 85186small.pngPolitoed                              Level. 87
Link=Sunflora Sunflora                              Level. 87Link=Sudowoodo Sudowoodo                              Level. 90
Link=Togetic Togetic                              Level. 92Link=Typhlosion Typhlosion                              Level. 93
*Once Battled again, NPC's Pokémon grow stronger up to 3-4 times.
Moltres's Location at Summit

Step 8

Ethan and Professor Adena

Talk to Professor Adena who's standing near Ethan, guarding the summit, and—if you accept to enter the summit—Adena will heal your Pokémon, and allow you to enter the summit. Go to the very top of the Summit and press spacebar. It will say that your feathers are glowing. A Moltres will appear after the message ends.


Note that if you had battled Moltres (either win or lose), you won't be able to rebattle Moltres again (no more access to Mt. Silver Summit).

Step 9

All the 4 feathers in bagpack

You will receive the Moltres Feather after defeating Moltres. Return to Adena's lab to speak with her. The quest is now complete.


Security Escort Williams

Security Escort Williams

Talk to Security Escort Williams in the Silver Town Base Station and he will teleport you to Adena's lab for a small fee of 15,000 Pokedollars. You can then talk to Navigator Pressly to return to Mt. Silver 5F.