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This page is to keep a log of the new releases in Pokémon World Online.


  • Version 1.94 is out! You can grab it here.
  • New Way to Chat Link your Pokemon. More Info here.
  • There is a Star displayed next to evolved pokemon in your pokedex.
  • Potions work outside of battle.
  • Dusk stones and their appropriate evolutions have been added. Note that Dusk Stone is not available to players yet.
  • More Sounds/Animations added.
  • Burn now does half the normal damage.
  • Freeze status now works in battles. You can unfreeze opponent's pokemon by using a fire type move. Ice type pokemon cannot be frozen.
  • Paralyze now works correctly and causes pokemon to reduce their speed to 25%.
  • Toxic and Poison Fang now cause the target to be Badly Poisoned dealing more damage after every turn.
  • A bunch of moves fixed. For a complete list go here.



  • New Game Version is out! Pokémon 1.93 has been born. People are required to download it from This Page
  • Multi Evolutions are now supported;
  • Pokémon now has supprt for Day/Night features;
  • Happiness system was added.



  • New Game Version is out! Pokémon 1.9 has been born. People are required to download it from This Page
  • Smilies were returned to chat;
  • IVs now show on mouse overs on your Pokemon;
  • Clefary is now spelt Clefairy in the client;
  • You can no longer spam "RUN" in battle
  • You can not switch out a Pokemon whilst the NPC hasn't thrown theirs out yet resulting in a bugged fight.
  • Pokemons inside your PC/Pokebox now show IVs and are just like the normal mouse-overs.
  • Members will have fancy stars next to their names.




  • Maze map is now locked. Players that were on it weren't kicked so they can accomplish the event.



  • Priority moves have been coded however they may not work 100% properly read This Page for information.



  • All rarities (Common,Rare,Very Rare, Horrible Rare) were temporarily changed to Unknown, read This Page for more details