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Note: This article summarizes the provisional playerdex features, and the developmental progression thereof, that have been already been revealed for an upcoming batch of playerdex update. Changes may have happened, since this page was last updated, that are not at a revealable state, or changes that simply have not been updated here at this time.

This article highlights Playerdex features that are confirmatively planned for future batches of Playerdex updates, but are not at a releasable state at this present time. This information is provisional; as the test-version Playerdex undergoes more development and polishing, some of the more minor details that are noted on this page may be tweaked.

Trading Center

Various tools and amenities are planned to be incorporated into Playerdex's own trading center, to conduce more secure, more organized trading. In addition to facilitating trades (details on the trade-oriented features are outlined below), player-viewable trade logs will be added, in addition to more secure reporting features for rule-breaking trades (namely scams).

For features that require Pokémon, items and commodities to be directly traded to another account, it will require the affected user(s) to log out from the game while the transaction is made—the same case for any playerdex feature that modifies account data, to ensure that Playerdex can properly save without the game server overriding its connection to the database. This does not apply to data that is stored in the bank itself, however.

Auction House

Main Article: Playerdex Mart
A prototypical preview of the Playerdex Mart's shop-setup menu.

Playerdex's Auction House, also known colloquially as the Playerdex Mart, is a commercial hub that will be a reimplementation of the retired in-game Auction House.

The in-game Auction House's disablement was due to flaws in the system that erroneously caused a lossage of Pokémon that were placed into the system; Playerdex's Auction House is expected to be more stable and devoid of these problems.

The Playerdex Mart will be operationally similar to the features the in-game Auction House offered, but it will enable more tradeable assets: Tokens and a select amount of Items will be tradeable on playerdex's mart, whereas it's not possible or stably practical for them to be tradeable in the game at this time.

Trade Adverts

Trade Adverts.png

Trade Adverts (short for 'advertisements') will allow players to systematically advertise Pokémon for other players to make offers towards; if the player chooses to accept it, the trade-involved parties are expected to execute the deal, as negotiated in the Advert, in-game.

If the trade is not executed as agreed to in the provisions of the Trade Adverts, it may be reportable as a scam; the Trade Adverts would serve as evidence as to the conditions in the trade agreement, which were improperly followed up on in the in-game trade.

Trade Logs

A test-ran trade-log history.

Trade logs, which log the transactional details with other players within the past 10 weeks, will be filed on playerdex—this feature is illustrated in a screenshot to the right.

Transfer Form

Transfer Form.png

The Transfer Form will allow transfers of Pokémon or a prepaid membership bundle to another account, requiring a fee of PokémonDollar.png10, plus PokémonDollar.png7 for each additional Pokémon.

This form conduces a more secure method of transferring Pokémon to another account, as opposed to another predicament: using the help of a middleman to safehold and trade your Pokémon from one of your accounts to another; or using the mart as an outlet to hold your Pokémon while you claim it on another account, risking the chance that another user on the mart would intercept the Pokémon before you reclaim it.

My Profile

A provisional preview of the new user-profile layout.

In addition to what your user profile already displays, it will be augmented in the upcoming playerdex update. More interactional outlets (read below) will be plugged into your profile, allowing players more channels of interaction on the Playerdex service.

Additionally, new services account-data management (more explanatory information below) will be implemented, allowing players more self-management in the allocation of their Pokémon, items and, commodities.

Status Updates

On your profile, you will be allowed to post status updates to which others may reply to. If a user on your friends list posts a status update, you may be notified of it. Status updates of guildmates will also be shown on the index of Guild Central.

Playerdex Status Updates.png

Mart Comments

In addition to the already-existing, main comment section on your profile, there will also be a subsection which is specifically used to discuss trade activities—similar to how Trade Adverts are systematized, but it will pertain more so to the Playerdex Mart.

Pokémon Pages

A redesigned layout of the 'My Pokémon' page of the logged-in features.

The My Pokémon is also planned to be reworked, which will feature new managerial options for the user's Pokémon, browsable filters for searching through your Pokémon bin, and more displayable statistics of your Pokémon.


The IVs of your Pokémon will be viewable on your Pokémon-profile page (look to the right-aligned thumbnail image). Similar to the IV command, playerdex will retrieve the single, definite IV value of the Pokémon's stats, as they are stored in the database.

This means that it will provide utmost-precise IV values at any level; 3rd-party IV calculators, on the other hand, will only be able to project an estimated range of IVs the Pokémon's stats can land on, depending on the level and statistics that were inputted into the calculator.

Pokémon-Browsing Filters

You will be able to filter your list of Pokémon, in order to browse and pinpoint specific Pokémon more easily. Conditional filters for Pokémon include, but are not limited to:

  • The level of the Pokémon.
  • The OT (Original Trainer) — the optionability to filter out which Pokémon were originally caught by you, or those originally captured by another OT.
  • Shiny or non-shiny Pokémon.
  • Sortability of the Pokémon list - the option to numerize the order in which Pokémon are displayed, based on their level, Pokémon-specific ID, or their Pokédex number(s).

Releasing/Unreleasing Pokémon

You will be able to reclaim released Pokémon, using this feature.

As illustrated on the right-aligned image (the My Pokémon-page layout), it will incorporate the checkbox element in the layout of the page, allowing players to select and act on multiple Pokémon options simultaneously by clicking on the checkboxes.

If you released a Pokémon, you will also have the option to reclaim it by paying the requisite fee. An example of the fee is shown in the image to the left, but it is presumed to be a formulaic fee — the price may vary depending on various factors (the level is more guessable), but the exact price-determination formula has not been revealed at this time.

Transferring Pokémon to another Account

See: Transfer Form

Using the transfer form and paying the requisite fee (noted in its own sectional anchor above), you will be allowed to directly transfer your Pokémon to another account.

Token Store

The Token Store will be merged with the PokéMart.

The tier-pricing system of the current Token Store is planned to be re-evaluated, revamping the pricing rationale used for many Pokémon and altering them accordingly. New Pokémon, items, commodities, and services are planned to be added for the price of tokens as well—much of the changes have yet to be solidified to a revealable state, but some notable additions include:

Name Changer

The name changer.

A name-changing service, which will synchronize a new account name for the game and forums, as shown to the right. There will be a 3-day cooldown period between each name-change request. The service will be a token-store exclusive at launch, only charging tokens.

Any pre-existing usernames that do not meet the conditional requirements, as specified in the account-creation form, will be forced to use the name-changing service before they can properly sign in; they will be locked from the game until it's changed in accordance with the conditions.

Thereupon changing the name alias, the previous alias will still be associated with the user when it's searched for. For example: if the username Bob1991 was changed to Joe1991, Bob1991 would still be returned by the search engine if Joe1991 was searched.

Guild Central

Guild Central will also be revamped, with emphasis on guild-management improvement.

The option to expel guild members, which is unsupported in the current version of Playerdex, is one of the more highlight-worthy changes, but organizational, administrative and managerial changes to the entire structure are being worked on.

Opening a New Guild

The update will allow players to open guilds easier and quicker. When you visit the new Guild Central, a new checklist allows players to check the requirements and check if they've met them. This checklist will also specify the exact amount of Pokémoney required to create a guild (currently a fractional 1/40th, or 0.025% in percentage notation, of the total amount of in-game Pokémoney).

The requirements, as they exist in the current version, are subject to change as well.


An interface of the guild-management panel.

The leader is initially appointed by virtue of creating the guild, and there can only be one active leader at a time. Only the leader is allowed to appoint new deputies (a subordinate rank; read the below header).

If the leader is inactive for at least 3 months (provisional grace period), one of the deputies will then supersede them and be appointed as the acting the leader of the guild.

Up to two deputies may be appointed at once by the leader. In addition to being next in the line of accession, in the event that the leader is inactive beyond the allowable grace period, deputies also have moderational powers to manage members: accepting new members and expelling existing members.

Guilds will have colorable themes on their profiles.

Guild Maintenance Costs

Guild-running fees will be imposed in the new Playerdex feature, requiring that an upkeep cost is paid off periodically in order to maintain the guild. If the fee is not paid off, the guild may become inoperational, suspending access to tangible guild features.

The price will commensurate with the amount of members in the guild, as well as the amount of times using the guild's teleportation service (to be unveiled in more detail later).

The fee will automatically be paid off from the Guild Bank, in which the guild members can donate from. The addition of new guild members, as hinted by the screenshot, can also be accounted for in paying off the fee.


A Guild Leader is now able to remove players from a guild via the members area.

Smaller changes

  • Required minimum number of Pokémon - now increased to 1,000 (was 95)
  • Required highest level of a Pokémon - now increased to 99 (was 95)
  • Required tag - now can be between 0 and 5 characters (was 2 or 3-5 characters)
  • Revised acceptable characters for guild name


A list of NPC trainers on the phonebook.

The Phonebook, which previously existed in an older version of Playerdex, will serve as a counter for the cooldown status of NPC trainers: if they are rechallengeable yet, and how much longer cooling-down NPCs must rest up before they're rechallengeable.

Playerdex Pokédex

Redesigned layout of Playerdex's Pokédex.

The Pokédex module on playerdex has been redesigned, giving more defined filters and organization for searching out Pokémon data. You will be allowed to filter out the Pokémon results by their type and/or location, conducing better browsability than what exists on the current Playerdex.

It will also conglomerate both the locational information, and what is already provided on the Pokédex entry of each Pokémon—these informational categories currently exist on separate modular pages on the current Playerdex.

The Pokédex data will also differentiate whether it is a water or land-oriented Pokémon (it currently does not); for water-oriented Pokémon, if it's a fish-encounterable Pokémon, the requisite fishing level will also be specified.


The top gametime statistics.

Player Rankings

The top-trainers list will branch out new top-trainer categories, as well as carrying over existing ones. Staff accounts will be excluded from all the lists. All of the known lists will include:

  • Top players by playtime.
  • Top players by wins.
  • Top players by win-loss ratio.
  • Top players by Pokémoney.
  • Top players by Reputation.
  • Top forum posters.

Guild Lists

The Guild Central lists will include new rank-sorted lists of guilds, sorting them out by the most-popular and newest guilds. Additionally, a guild-directory list will be added, allowing players to browse for a specific guild through the list.

Guild Central Lists.png