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On the 24th December 2011, new 'Post Areas' were set up for the Playerdex which would replace 3 main boards on the Forums. These boards were bugs, suggestions and Community Watch. The idea behind moving these was that it would be to resolve issues due to it being easier for staff to get necessary information, allows staff to assign a status to a report and allows players the option of making a report private.

The new 'Post Areas' are under the names of Bug Catcher, Suggestion Box and Report Center.

On the 4th February 2012, the relevant forum boards will be locked and replies only can be made.

Pdex bc.PNG

Bug Catcher

The Bug Catcher is the main area for posting about bugs with any of PWO Services, not just being limited to that of the game.

6 different statuses can be assigned for this area.

  • Required following up
  • Awaiting information
  • Intending to fix
  • Fixed
  • Working as intended
  • Closed

Report Center

Suggestion Box