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A Prize Corner is a hub, adjoined to the Gaming Corners in Goldenrod City and Celadon City, wherein vouchers can be exchanged for prizes.

Prize Corner Interior.png

Obtaining Vouchers

Currently, vouchers are only claimable as event-earned rewards. They are redeemable for any prizes within the Prize Corners; if you have enough vouchers to redeem for a prize, that prize will be mentioned to you by the Prize Corner NPC.


Tier 1

Item PriceQuantity
174small.pngIgglybuff Egg1 voucher1
238small.pngSmoochum Egg1 voucher1
360small.pngWynaut Egg1 voucher1
458small.pngMantyke Egg1 voucher1
Helix Fossil.pngHelix Fossil1 voucher1
Dome Fossil.pngDome Fossil1 voucher1
TM-Flying.pngTM62 - Acrobatics1 voucher3
The following Pokémon are bundled with their respective items:

Tier 2

Item PriceQuantity
236small.pngTyrogue Egg2 vouchers1
173small.pngCleffa Egg2 vouchers1
172small.pngPichu Egg2 vouchers1
438small.pngBonsly Egg2 vouchers1
439small.pngMime Jr. Egg2 vouchers1
Claw Fossil.pngClaw Fossil2 vouchers1
Root Fossil.pngRoot Fossil2 vouchers1
The following Pokémon are bundled with their respective items:

Tier 3

Item PriceQuantity
175small.pngTogepi Egg3 vouchers1
239small.pngElekid Egg3 vouchers1
240small.pngMagby Egg3 vouchers1
406small.pngBudew Egg3 vouchers1
440small.pngHappiny Egg3 vouchers1
433small.pngChingling Egg3 vouchers1

Tier 4

Item PriceQuantity
446small.pngMunchlax Egg4 vouchers1
Old Amber.pngOld Amber4 vouchers1
Exp. Share.pngExp. Share4 vouchers1
Shiny Stone.pngShiny Stone4 vouchers1
Magmarizer.pngMagmarizer4 vouchers1
Electirizer.pngElectirizer4 vouchers1
The following Pokémon are bundled with their respective items:


Pokémon eggs can be turned into the daycare centers, on Route 34 or Route 5, for caretaking by the daycare personnel. Depending on how eager the Pokémon are to get out into the world, the egg will hatch sometime between 8 and 24 hours after they are given into daycare. This is based on actual in-game playing time on your account (not real-time). The Pokémon will be level 5 when it hatches.


Main Article: Fossil

Fossils are the residue of fossilized, prehistoric Pokémon. You can reanimate fossils into live Pokémon at the Cinnabar Island Lab.