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If you have forgotten your password or find that you need to change it in an emergency, the Playerdex enables you to change your password for the main Pokémon World Services (Game, Playerdex and Forums).

Playerdex Login Form

Logged out

If you can't log into your account, via the 'Reset my password' link, you are given the option to have a new password sent to your account.

The form requires that you entered your current email as well as current username. Should the case be that you don't remember either of them, you are to use their alternative reminder services.

Once you filled in the required information and have submitted the form, an email containing your password should be sent to the email based on:

  • Details being correct
  • The server reaching it's limit for sending out emails.

You can also only request a new password up to 2 times a day.

Playerdex's Password Change form.

Logged in

If you have access to your account, once logged in - click on the link in the sidebar 'My Settings and Status'. From here, you will notice a link to change your password to the right of your password displayed in the form of '******'.

You are only able to change your password once per 24 hours and all changes are logged.