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Rock is one of the seventeen elemental types that have been incorporated within PWO.

Type Effectiveness

Rock-Type Attacks

Offensive Damage Modifiers
 2× Strong against  1× Neutral against  ½× Weak against  0× Effectless against


Rock-Type Pokémon

Defensive Damage Modifiers
 2× Weak to  1× Neutral to  ½× Resistant to  0× Immune to



Rock-type Pokémon most commonly inhabit Category:Caves and mountainous areas.

It is one of the more common types in which its Pokémon have dual-type combos; Rock/Ground-type Pokémon is a more common example of the dual-type pairing.

Primary Rock-Type Pokémon

#PokémonType 1Type 2

Secondary Rock-Type Pokémon

#PokémonType 1Type 2


Rock Throw Physical 50 90
Rock Slide Physical 75 90
Sandstorm Status 0 100
Rollout Physical 90 90
Ancientpower Special 60 100
Rock Tomb Physical 50 80
Rock Blast Physical 25 90
Rock Polish Status 0 100
Power Gem Special 70 100
Rock Wrecker Physical 150 90
Stone Edge Physical 100 80
Stealth Rock Status 0 100
Head Smash Physical 150 80
Wide Guard Status 0 100
Smack Down Physical 50 100