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North: Viridian City | South: Pallet Town

General Information

Route 1 is the first route players will encounter if they decided to start in Kanto. Route 1 is a passageway between Pallet Town (south exit) and Viridian City (north exit). The route hosts a couple of trainers, some trainers give you tips while two trainers will ask for a Pokémon battle. It is recommended that you battle both trainers as you will need at least 3 reputation points in order to face Brock in Pewter City.
The route is also home to several patches of grass which only contain Rattata and Pidgey. Take advantage of the low level Pokémon and the trainers here to level up your starter Pokémon.

Viridian City

Route 1.png

Pallet Town

Route 1 location

Big, detailed map

Route 1.png


Grass Pokémon
Art by Ken Sugimori
Level range: 2-3
Art by Ken Sugimori
Level range: 2-3

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Ultra Ball: Given to player by an employee of the Viridian City Pokemon Mart

Npc's on this map

Pokémon Trainer Pokémon
Boy Cliff

REP Gain: .2
Link=RattataRattata                              Level. 2001small.pngBulbasaur                              Level. 3
Ball2.png Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png
*Once Battled again, NPC's Pokémon grow stronger up to 3-4 times.

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