Sevii Island Quest

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Sevii Island Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Sevii Island Quest.

Starting Point
   Route 26   
16 Badges
Two Elite 4 wins
Mt. Silver Mini Quest completion (recommended)

The Sevii Island Quest is the compulsory quest for attaining access to the Sevii Islands. Trainers must acquire all 16 Badges and defeat the Elite 4 twice before starting the quest. It is also recommended to complete the Mt. Silver Mini Quest beforehand as it is necessary to progress further. While the last parts of the main quest have yet to be released (following Step 11 as described below), there are still sub-quests and supplemental activities involving each Island that can be pursued for various rewards.

Note: There have been issues linked with using Escapes Ropes while doing parts of the quest, so it is recommended to not use them. After completing up to Step 11, heal at a normal Pokémon Center before using an Escape Rope.

Main Quest Walkthrough

Step 1: Berry Cold Citizens

Begin at the Route 26 Ferry Station (the area between Kanto and Johto). Talk to Captain Nemo who explains that the Sevii Islands have been frozen due to current events. Captain Nemo will provide free transportation throughout Sevii. Go to Three Island and talk to Gym Leader Winona inside the town. She asks you to unfreeze the 7 citizens around the island with the Aspear Berry. Head west until you reach the Berry Forest, where you will interact with the big trees until you collect 7 Aspear Berries. Unfreeze the citizens around the island and then speak to Winona.

Winona (Three Island)

Route 26 Ferry Station Frozen tree with Aspear Berry

Frozen Sevii Spawns

Sevii (Frozen)
Tall Grass Pokémon
Art by Ken Sugimori
Art by Ken Sugimori
Art by Ken Sugimori
Art by Ken Sugimori

Step 2: Melt, Remove, Teleport

Next, she asks you to rescue 3 citizens trapped in the Three Island Path. Bring a Pokémon with the move Teleport and another with either Flamethrower or Bulldoze. Go to Three Island Port and interact with the boulder blocking the entrance. Save the kid first, the lady second, and the man last. Afterward, speak to Winona who asks you to help unfreeze Sevii.
Three Port Entrance Three Island Path

Step 3: Duck, Duck, Cave

Loreilei's House
Inside Lorelei's House

Take the ferry to Four Island and meet Winona inside Lorelei’s house. To help control the weather, Lorelei asks you to catch and train 2 Golducks from Ice Fall Cave and give them the Cloud Nine ability. Change the abilities on the Playerdex (must be logged out the game). Lorelei will take them from you so make sure they hold no items. Then Winona asks you to call the Weather Institute through the communication line in Two Island.

Step 4: Weather Institute, We Have a Problem

Precinct Chief
Eccentric Man

Take the ferry to Two Island and speak to the Precinct Chief inside the police station. He tells you to talk to the Eccentric Man up north in Cape Brink.

Before continuing, the Mt. Silver Mini Quest must be completed - Winona can teleport you there if you haven’t done so already. They ask you to speak to Professor Adena. After completing the quest and defeating Moltres, go back to Two Island and speak to the Eccentric Man again.

Winona (Two Island)

Step 5: Frozen Feather Hunt

Return to Four Island and speak to Winona and Lorrelei at the house. Similar to what you had to do for Moltres, you must find the three Articuno feathers. However, other matters must be dealt with first!

Step 6: Lightspeed Rescue

Winona (Five Island)
Warehouse Lady

Take the ferry to Five Island where Winona asks you to rescue 7 citizens and send them to the warehouse. The citizens are within the buildings, Pokécenter, and the warehouse. A lady inside the warehouse will ask you to save her Charmander outside. Interact with the Charmander before entering the warehouse so the lady will appear. The blonde girl Bella will refuse to leave without her stuff in Resident Gorgeous. Forget about her for now, and speak to Winona after interacting with the other citizens.

Five Island (town) with Bella
Warehouse Lady's Charmander

Step 7: The Heat of Battle


Next, Winona tells you to meet up with Gym Leader Blaine and offers to teleport you to Cinnabar Volcano Island. Bring a team of all Fire-type Pokémon and defeat Blaine. Teach one of your Pokémon the move Overheat for PokémonDollar.png10,000. Afterwards, speak to Winona back in Five Island.

Pokémon Trainer Pokémon
Blaine of Cinnabar

Link=NinetalesNinetales                              Level. 76136small.pngFlareon                              Level. 78
Link=Arcanine Arcanine                              Level. 77Link=Rapidash Rapidash                              Level. 78
Link=Charizard Charizard                              Level. 79Link=Magmar Magmar                              Level. 80

Step 8: Keeping Moving, Stay Warm

Winona (One Island)
Summit Path

Take the ferry to One Island and head north, past Kindle Road, and up to Mt. Ember Base. Hike through Summit Path, up to Mt. Ember Summit, and collect the Frozen Feather.

Mt. Ember Summit

Step 9: Bellosoming Blonde

Bella's House

Go back to Five Island and speak to the Bella. Exchange a female Bellossom for the key to her house in Resort Gorgeous. The Bellossom will be taken so make sure it holds no items. Slide through the ice up north, past Water Labyrinth, until you reach Resort Gorgeous. Enter Bella’s house and collect the Shiny Frozen Feather. Return and speak to Bella to send her to the warehouse.

Inside Bella's House (Shiny Frozen Feather)

Step 10: The Eccentric Battle

Eccentric Man (Final Frozen Feather)

Take the ferry to One Island and speak to Winona. Head to Cape Brink in Two Island and speak to Eccentric Man. Defeat him in battle and receive the Final Frozen Feather.

Pokémon Trainer Pokémon
Eccentric Man

Link=ElectivireElectivire                              Level. 64467small.pngMagmortar                              Level. 64
Link=Gallade Gallade                              Level. 62Link=Cradily Cradily                              Level. 63
Link=Crawdaunt Crawdaunt                              Level. 63Link=Togekiss Togekiss                              Level. 65

Step 11: Arctic Aerial Assault

Articuno (Mt. Ember Summit)

Go back to Mt. Ember Summit in One Island. Battle and defeat the level 115 Articuno. Receive the Articuno Feather. You black out…

Pokémon Trainer Pokémon
Articuno the Legendary Bird

Link=ArticunoArticuno                              Level. 115Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png

Step 11: Long Lost Laboratory

You wake up in Lorelei’s house in Four Island. She informs of a new request from Dr. Marina to revive the Water Laboratory in Saffron City. Deliver the Water Laboratory Keycard to her.

To be continued, stay tuned.

Subquests Walkthrough

One & Seven Island: It's Raining Rockets

Go inside the One Island Pokémon Center and speak to Celio. He asks you to deliver a Meteorite to his friend Bill somewhere in Mt. Ember. Go through the entrance on the right side into Ruby Path. In Ruby Path B1F and B2F, use a Pokémon with Strength to move the boulders. You can reset the boulder puzzle by reloading the map. Keep taking the ladders down until you find Bill and give him the Meteorite.

Celio Ruby Path Entrance Ruby Path B1F Ruby Path B2F Ruby Path to Bill Bill

Go back to Celio who tells you to check out Rocket activity in Seven Island. Take the ferry to Seven Island and defeat the middle guard on the bridge (level 80+). Navigate through Sevault (Entrance) Canyon and go through the green entrance with statues into Tanoby Key.

Seven Island Guards Sevault Canyon Entrance Sevault Canyon Tanoby Keys

Head up into the Sevii Rocket Base and take the top-left teleporter until you reach a dead end. Interact with the left-most cabinet and retrieve a Rocket Medallion. The purpose of the Medallion has yet to be revealed.

Sevii Rocket Base Entrance Sevii Rocket Base Teleport Sevii Rocket Base Teleport to Medallion Medallion Cabinet

Go back and take the bottom teleporter. Navigate through until you find Admin Foss, and then defeat him in battle. Afterwards, return to One Island and speak to Celio. He thanks you for the help; you receive a Toxic Orb and a Flame Orb.

Admin Foss
Pokémon Trainer Pokémon
Admin Foss

Link=CloysterCloyster                              Level. 86229small.pngHoundoom                              Level. 87
Link=Magnezone Magnezone                              Level. 87Link=Wobbuffet Wobbuffet                              Level. 88
Link=Hydreigon Hydreigon                              Level. 90Ball2.png

Two Island: Tutor Maniac

Eccentric Man
Tutor Maniac

Enter the building with the purple roof and speak with the Tutor Maniac. Defeat the Eccentric Man in Cape Brink (lvl 100s). Obtain a Mushroom and unlock the services of the Tutor Maniac. The Tutor Maniac can teach every imaginable tutor move in exchange for a Mushroom. Wild Paras and Parasect have a small chance of dropping a Mushroom. You may battle the Eccentric Man for 5x Mushroom every two weeks.

Two Island (town)
Cape Brink Gym

Three Island: Tutor Maniac

Head inside the Berry Forest and speak to Dominic. He asks you to remove 5 icy rocks with a Fire-type Pokémon that knows Flamethrower. Thaw the Icy Rock of Suspicion, Brilliance, Splendour, Luxury, and Opulence. After doing so, speak to Dominic and receive: 3 Cheri Berry (cures paralysis), 3 Chesto Berry (cures sleep), 3 Pecha Berry (cures poison), 3 Rawst Berry (cures burn), 3 Aspear Berry (cures Freeze), and unlock two plantable Berry Trees.

Suspicion Brilliance Splendour Luxury Opulence Berry Forest Trees

Four Island: Frozen Huevo

Go inside the daycare (orange roof) and speak to Dr. Ovo, who talks about some new daycare technology. Navigate through the Icefall Cave and retrieve the (now unfrozen) Sevii Egg. Talk to Dr. Ovo and give the egg to the Daycarer who demonstrates that we can see the progress of the incubating egg. Come back after 3-7 in-game hours and see what’s inside.

Dr. Ovo Icefall Cave Entrance Icefall Cave Maze Icefall Cave Maze Frozen Sevii Egg

Five Island: Yes, Chef!

Jacquin inside Rocket Warehouse

Go inside the warehouse and find Chef Jacquin. Help him by saying the ingredients for a spiced-carrot lentil soup in order. As a reward for your help, he gives you a Twisted Spoon. Recommended to note down the list in order. If incorrect, a new recipe will be listed.

Six Island: Blues Clues


Go inside the Six Island Pokécenter and speak to Blue. He asks you to retrieve a Sapphire. Navigate through Ruin Valley until you reach the entrance of Dotted Cave.

Water Path
Ruin Valley

You must answer this riddle: “I might not have the highest speed stat, but nobody swims faster than me. What Pokemon am I?” The correct answer is “Golduck” and is not case-sensitive. Inside Dotted Cave, keep dropping down the holes until you reach the bottom. Grab the Sapphire and then speak to Blue, who gives you a Damp Rock.

Dotted Cave Entrance
Bottom of Dotted Cave

Supplemental Activities

Treasure Beach (One Island)

Treasure Beach

Interact with empty spots surrounded by patches of grass. Find 15 Ultra Balls, a Big Nugget, and unsuspecting Ground (type) encounters. You may exchange the Big Nugget for PokémonDollar.png20,000 by speaking with the other trainer on the beach.

Ember Spa (One Island)

Ember Spa Healing Spring

Inside the Ember Spa, the Healing Spa area recovers your Pokémon to full health and cures any status conditions.


Can buy Soda Pop, Fresh Water, Lemonade, or MooMoo Milk from the merchant.

Fresh Water.png Fresh Water PokémonDollar.png200 Restores 50 of a Pokémon's HP.
Soda Pop.png Soda Pop PokémonDollar.png300 Restores 60 of a Pokémon's HP.
Lemonade.png Lemonade PokémonDollar.png350 Restores 80 of a Pokémon's HP.
MooMoo Milk.png MooMoo Milk PokémonDollar.png800 Restores 100 of a Pokémon's HP.

Cape Brink Gym (Two Island)

Cape Brink Gym
Eccentric Man

Defeat the Eccentric Man every two weeks and receive 5x Mushroom, which can be used for the Tutor Maniac. The Eccentric Man has 15 different gym themes and can be battled every two weeks. Upon defeating the Eccentric Man, you will receive 5x Mushroom.

Berry Forest Trees (Three Island)

Use the plantable berry trees to grow more of the newly introduced berries.

Berry Forest Trees

Daycare (Four Island)

Use the daycare services to incubate and hatch more eggs.

Four Island (town)

Memorial Pillar (Five Island)

After listening to the preaching trainer, receive a Smooth Rock.

Memorial Pillar

Lost Cave (Five Island)

The Lost Cave has a series of rooms that each require the a correct set of directions (north, south, east, west) to find. Entering the wrong direction will teleport you back to the beginning. 5 rooms have Pokéballs that contain different held items.

  • East, East. North OR North, North, North, North | X:90, Y:54 | Silk Scarf
  • West, South OR South, South, South | X:66, Y:54 | Magnet
  • South, West OR West, North, East | X:17, Y:74 | Hiker, Black Sludge
  • East, East, South, West | X:42, Y:74 | Karen, Light Ball
  • North, North, East, North, North | X:42, Y:54 | Double Rock, Quick Claw

North, Silk Scarf South, Light Ball Hiker, Black Sludge Karen, Light Ball Double Rock, Quick Claw

Tanoby Ruins (Seven Island)

The Tanoby Ruins consist of seven chambers (Viapois, Rixy, Scufib, Dilford, Weepth, Liptoo, Monean).
Viapois Rixy Scufib Dilford
Weepth Liptoo Monean