Sevii Trainer Tower

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Unknown - Sevii Trainer Tower

Sevii Trainer Tower

South Exit: Seven Island

Sevii Trainer Tower, also known as Battle Tower, is located at the north of Seven Island. Players can battle NPCs to earn Battle Points. They can be used to redeem TMs, Evolution Items, Stats Modifying Items and In-battle Effect Items.

Points of Interest

Battle Tower

Battle Tower is a battling facility for players who have obtained all 16 badges from Kanto and Johto. It features different battle modes including regular mode, survival mode, mirror battles, custom battles, same type battles, disadvantage battles and tier rooms. In regular mode, players have to battle 7 NPCs in a row. The first six NPCs give 1 battle point when you defeat them while the seventh NPC gives 4 points. Players have 3 runs every day. Prizes with battle points requirements can be redeemed at the counter. Modes other than regular and survival mode have to be unlocked with battle points before you can select them.

Battle Tower Upgrades

You may upgrade and unlock extra modes to enhance your battle tower experience. The following is a list of upgrades available:

Item PriceQuantity
Extra Daily Go (1st Upgrade)30 BPs1
Extra Daily Go (2nd Upgrade Onwards)+15 BPs1
Mirror Battles30 BPs1
Custom Battles30 BPs1
Same Type Battles30 BPs1
Disadvantage Battles30 BPs1
Tier Rooms30 BPs1


Main Article: Refer to this article for all TM data

The availability of the TMs are dependent on your battle points count.

Item PriceQuantity
TM-Poison.pngTM84 - Poison Jab30 BPs1
TM-Fighting.pngTM31 - Brick Break30 BPs1
TM-Poison.pngTM09 - Venoshock30 BPs1
TM-Fire.pngTM43 - Flame Charge30 BPs1
TM-Flying.pngTM62 - Acrobatics30 BPs1
TM-Steel.pngTM74 - Gyro Ball30 BPs1
TM-Psychic.pngTM04 - Calm Mind60 BPs1
TM-Normal.pngTM75 - Swords Dance60 BPs1
TM-Fighting.pngTM52 - Focus Blast90 BPs1
TM-Electric.pngTM93 - Wild Charge90 BPs1
TM-Grass.pngTM53 - Energy Ball90 BPs1
TM-Dark.pngTM12 - Taunt90 BPs1

Evolution Items

Main Article: Evolution Items

The availability of the evolution items are dependent on your battle points count.

Item PriceQuantity
Dawn Stone.pngDawn Stone450 BPs1
Protector.pngProtector800 BPs1

Stats Modifying Items

Main Article: Stats Modifying Items

The availability of the stats modifying items are dependent on your battle points count.

Item PriceQuantity
Swift Wing.pngSwift Wing10 BPs5
Clever Wing.pngClever Wing10 BPs5
Genius Wing.pngGenius Wing10 BPs5
Resist Wing.pngResist Wing10 BPs5
Muscle Wing.pngMuscle Wing10 BPs5
Health Wing.pngHealth Wing10 BPs5
Power Weight.pngPower Weight300 BPs1
Power Bracer.pngPower Bracer300 BPs1
Power Belt.pngPower Belt300 BPs1
Power Lens.pngPower Lens300 BPs1
Power Band.pngPower Band300 BPs1
Power Anklet.pngPower Anklet300 BPs1

In-battle Effect Items

Main Article: In-battle Effect Items

The availability of the battle hold items are dependent on your battle points count.

Item PriceQuantity
Muscle Band.pngMuscle Band30 BPs1
Wise Glasses.pngWise Glasses30 BPs1
Rocky Helmet.pngRocky Helmet150 BPs1
Eviolite.pngEviolite150 BPs1
Expert Belt.pngExpert Belt210 BPs1
Focus Sash.pngFocus Sash210 BPs1
Choice Specs.pngChoice Specs300 BPs1
Choice Scarf.pngChoice Scarf300 BPs1
Choice Band.pngChoice Band300 BPs1
Life Orb.pngLife Orb450 BPs1

Move Tutor

You can trade your battle points to teach your Pokémon certain moves. The following are a list of moves available to learn:

Item PriceQuantity
Waterfall30 BPs1
Heal Bell45 BPs1
Roost90 BPs1