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This article has been rendered obsolete by an update to PWO. This quest, and the island, is no longer used.

Welcome to Pokemon World Online!

Starter's Island is an area of PWO meant for new players to learn about the game through talking to NPC's. To talk to NPC's, you hit the spacebar. Once you log into the game for the first time, you will start off in an area called Scuttle Cove. You can walk around using the W, A, S, D keys, or with the arrow keys. It's a good idea to talk to every NPC so you learn about the game.


Make your way to the bottom left, where an old man will be standing.

Talk to the old man, and he will ask you a question to which you must answer correctly in order to move on. After you answer correctly, he will transport you over him, allowing you to move on to the next section of Starter Island. In this section you will complete a series of Mini-Quests that reward you with items that are important on your journey.
Census Taker

Mini-Quest #1

Your next important interaction will be with the Census Taker, which you'll encounter following the path given to you. He gives you a quiz of 5 questions, and when you answer all of them correctly he hands over 5 pokeballs to you. Pokeballs are used to capture pokemon you encounter throughout your journey, they are available for use during battle with wild pokemon if you look in your bag.

Mini-Quest #2

Continue forward to the next section.
After loading the next map, there will be a man called Marty to your left. Go over and talk to him, he will give you a quest to go get his sandwiches from his family in the Pokemon Center. Talk to the nurse in the center, and she'll redirect you to her brother to your left. He will hand you the sandwiches, and with that in your inventory you head back to Marty to complete the quest. Marty is grateful for your help, and he rewards you with potions! Potions are available for use only during battles that take place outside of gyms.

Mini-Quest #3

With that task completed, your next task will be located in the top right house.
Lab on Left, House on Right

You will enter the house of an old couple sitting together. Talk to Cornelia first, she explains how she'd like you to listen to Charles, the old man next to her. She promises you money if you do so, so the next thing you should do is talk to Charles. Play real close attention, because Charles explains to you how PVP works in this game, which is really important. Talk to Cornelia after listening to Charles and she rewards you with $3000.

Mini-Quest #4

Your next and final quest will be located in the lab in the top left corner. In here you will find Professor Linden. Yes, he looks like Oak, no, he doesn't give you your starter. He asks a favor from you to go locate some papers he misplaced in his basement. Agree to help him, and then make your way down the stairs on your right. You'll end up in his basement, and for this quest all you have to do is go to every box in the room and hit spacebar until you find 3 papers. Once you find the papers, head back to Prof. Linden and he'll hand you a Pokedex! (3 papers for a pokedex, crazy reward right?)

This is the last task needed to depart from Starter Island, so with your Pokedex in hand make your way to the pier on the right side of the island.
The Pier


Go inside the building closest to the tier and talk to the ticket fellow. He'll confirm that you did all the quests around the island. After confirming that you finished all your tasks, he will ask you a very important question.

He will present you with the question of which region you would like to begin your journey at, Kanto or Johto.
When you finish Kanto you can go to Johto, and vice versa.

The Choice

Picking your region is a choice you should think deeply about because it determines what starter Pokemon you have available for you.

Kanto's starters are Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

Johto's starters are Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita.

Pick your first region, get your ticket, and then head back outside to the pier. With your supplies and ticket in hand, head to your right and talk to Captain Marvin. You will be taken to the region that you chose.

Good luck!