Stolen Merchandise Quest

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Stolen Merchandise Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Stolen Merchandise Quest.

Starting Point
   Cherrygrove City   
No Badges

The Stolen Merchandise Quest is a repeatable quest started at Cherrygrove City. A Manager requires you to recover some Stolen Merchadises and will reward you according with your REP and the amount of recovered Stolen Merchandise.


Step 1

Talk with the Manager at Cherrygrove City's Pokecenter. He will request you to recover his Merchandise stolen by Sentrets at Route 29 by fainting them. He will reward you with one Pokeball for every 3 Stolen Merchandise you recovered if your REP is lower than 25. Otherwise you get rewarded with PokémonDollar.png 65 for every Stolen Merchandise you recover if your REP is higher than 24.