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General Information

This template uses the data found on this page to generate its data. The template accepts three parameters. The first parameter, the move's name, is passed without a parameter name. The second parameter, denoted by the parameter 'l' (the letter) is the level. If the move is known at the start (known instinctively), then the second parameter should not be used. The third parameter, denoted by the parameter 's', indicates whether or not the attack gets STAB bonus. The STAB parameter should be left blank the attack does not receive STAB. It then creates a table row with the information.


{{m|Tackle|s=}}{{m|Tail Whip|l=3}}{{m|Solarbeam|l=40|s=}} displays the following (table header included for display reasons):

--- Tackle Normal Physical 50 100
3 Tail Whip Normal Status 0 100
40 Solarbeam Grass Special 120 100


This template should be used in conjunction with Template:Mtable to construct a moves table for each Pokémon.