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Menu Colo 094.png Jinji is a real-life Gengar! Don't worry though, he's friendly... unless you annoy him.
Official Staff

Jinji is an official Administrator in Pokemon World Online. You can verify this on the Pokémon World Online website where information regarding their role is available here.

Jinji at a Glance
Username Jinji
Guild See Guild History, below
Registered December 2007
Favourite Pokemon Gengar
About Me
Jinji's Social Links
DeviantArt JinjiTheGengar
Patreon Jinji

Basic Profile

Name: Jinji

Species: Gengar

Age: Unknown, presumed ageless

Birthday: January 23

Appearance: FireRed/LeafGreen style Gengar with sharper spikes, but a slimmer build. Also see "Distinguishing physical traits", below.

Clothing tastes

  • Usually wears little at all
  • Sometimes carries or wears a Reaper Cloth for additional power
  • If a fancy look is desired, however, will often wear a Medieval-style regal suit (similar to Edward Tudor-Pole)
  • Very regularly has a Dusk Ball pendant hanging below his mouth (Gengar don't have necks), tied to a spike on his back with black string.
    • Pendant is an embossed coin with the Dusk Ball details emphasised; and fully painted the colours of the ball
    • It also has a depressible button, the purpose of which is unknown
    • He somehow always knows where this pendant is, even if he wasn't the last to touch it...
  • Sometimes holds Black Sludge; and does not mind making a mess with it :P

Distinguishing physical traits

  • Extremely sharp back-spikes: Significantly longer than a regular Gengar's; and pointier. Touching anywhere near his back almost guarantees a cut or jab, but he rarely takes a tangible form anyway. The spikes can be flattened for safety, but will slowly self-straighten.
  • Marking on right arm: Similar to a crescent moon shape, takes up the width of the forearm. The marking is a patch of fur of a darker shade of purple to the rest of his body.
  • Eyes: Crimson red, rumours of thin yellow irises are unconfirmed.
  • For a full profile, see my DeviantArt


In an uncharted territory of the Pokemon World, there lies an old, abandoned house. It has been visited by only a few, but the legends about it are many. The stories claim the house is home to numerous Ghost Pokemon, but one in particular is the subject of most of them. Little is known about this one, other than the fact that he is named Jinji, and is nicknamed by many as "The Human Gengar".

You stand within the house itself, which appears to have gone disused for many hundreds of years. All the furniture is covered in dust, and the building looks as though it is beginning to crumble. Fabrics are in tatters, and nothing seems still. It has a very creepy air, but you are not deterred. You came here to find proof of Jinji's existence and learn more about who or what he is; and you are determined to allow nothing to stop you.

The house opens into a small passageway, and there, lying on the floor, lied an old envelope. Having picked up and investigated it only a few seconds ago, you found it contains what appears to be a very old form of identity card (see above - Jinji at a Glance). Feeling confident about this find, you continue your investigation into a nearby sitting room. A bookshelf is slightly ahead of you, containing notes and diaries - this might be a good place to find out what Jinji may have been up to, if he indeed exists or did exist. There is also a table nearby, which you can investigate.

Guild History

2008: Applicant for Pirate's Guild. Never officially inducted.

2009 - present: Leader of paraABnormal. Since 2011 this Guild has existed in name only, due to rules preventing Staff being in Guilds coming into force. Only his close friends were ever made members. The Guild's Playerdex entry was removed in 2013.

2012: After teaming up on an independent project separate from PWO, Jinji was made an honorary member of Team Dramander due to a number of other staff on the same project hailing from this PWO Guild - though this, again, was in name only. Remained part of their Guild Forum after the project fell apart, until the Guild disbanded later in the year.


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