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General Information

Viridian City is a city located in Kanto. It is located north of Route 1 and south of Viridian Forest. It is the first city for players who started in Kanto will be able to see and use a Pokémon Center, as well as a Pokémart where they will be able to purchase Pokéballs and potions. It is also the location of the Eighth gym in the Kanto League. Players must beat Blue in order to advance to Complete the Kanto Region. Other than getting the Earth Badge, there is nothing of great interest within the city.

Route 2
Route 22

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Route 1

Viridian City location

Big, detailed map

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Viridian City
Fishing Pokémon
Art by Ken Sugimori
Level range: 5-8
Fishing Level Required: 1
Art by Ken Sugimori
Level range: 5-8
Fishing Level Required: 1
Art by Ken Sugimori
Level range: 4-6
Fishing Level Required: 0
Surfing Pokémon
Art by Ken Sugimori
Level range: 5-6
Art by Ken Sugimori
Level range: 25-27

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Npcs on this map

Pokémon Trainer Pokémon
Camper Bug Boy Richark

REP Gain: 1
Link=MetapodMetapod                              Level. 13Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png
Ball2.png Ball2.png
*Once Battled again, NPC's Pokémon grow stronger up to 3-4 times.


Upon asking the man in the Viridian City Pokemon Center labelled ‘Tourist Information’, the man informs the player about the quest in the nearby and surrounding areas, “We have 3 quests in this area. They are located in this Pokecenter, Viridian Forest in the bottom-left area and Viridian City’s Pokemart. Supernerd Joshua will be near those NPCs to help you to complete the quests! Always listen what he says so you can find the NPC whos giving quests.”

Quest 1 (Pokemon Center) – The first quest is given by Master Roper Reinhold in the same Pokemon Center. He instructs the player on how to use the rope and gives the player 5 free ropes. Then he asks the player to use a rope outside before entering any other Pokemon Center, which will bring the player back to the last visited Pokemon , i.e. Viridian City Pokemon Center and then talk to him. Upon doing so, the player completes the quest and gets the reward. Reward: $1000

Quest 2 (Pokemon Mart) – The second quest is given by the ‘Manager’ in the Viridian City Pokemart. He asks the player to find a boy around Viridian Forest who is carrying a missing shipment for the Pokemart. In the Viridian Forest, the player finds ‘Delivery Boy Lee’ who explains that he fell and twisted his ankle and therefore cannot complete the delivery. Upon returning the shipment to the manager, he rewards the player with 15 pokeballs. Rewards: 15 Pokeballs

Quest 3 (Viridian Forest) – Quest 3 refers to the Viridian Forest Quest which can be started by talking to Grandma Louis in Viridian Forest. Grandma Louis wants you to get a Butterfree's data for her. In exchange you will be granted access to the Viridian Forest Clearing. Reward: 3 rep, access to Viridian Forest Clearing

Points of interest

The Viridian City Gym is the 8th and last gym of Kanto. Inside the gym the trainers will have mostly Ground-type Pokémon. But the gym leader Blue has Pokémon of different types: Pidgeot, Rhydon, Alakazam, Gyarados, Exeggutor and Arcanine.
Like all gyms in Pokémon World Online, the levels of the trainers inside the gym depend on the type of passport a player has. Those with a Kanto Passport will battle lower-level trainers while those with a Johto Passport will battle higher-level trainers.
The Viridian Gym is located here:
Image that shows where the house of the viridian gym is.
For more information go to Viridian Gym.

Viridian Train Station

One of the 5 transportation points, centered on the train system, is stationed in Viridian City. The train runs between 5 designated locations in: Goldenrod City, Saffron City, Cherrygrove City, and Silver Town. At least the Boulder Badge (acquired in Pewter City is required to board the train to this destination.
The train is considered the most fastest and most convenient method of travel, wherein it is also the only instantaneous transportation method between both regions.
The Viridian Train Station is located here:
Picture of the train station building
For more information about the transportation systems go to Transportation Systems.