Volcanic Eruption Quest

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Volcanic Eruption Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Volcanic Eruption Quest.

Starting Point
   Route 20   
Volcano Badge
5,000 Pokedollar

**NOTE** This article discusses a Quest that no longer exists in Pokémon World Online any information about the rewards and NPCs may no longer be available as the way the quest states.

The Volcanic Eruption Quest was a Quest starting on Route 20 located to the Southest of Fuchsia City. To begin the Quest speak to the NPC named "Mayor Bernard" for Part 1 and "Contractor Andrew" for Part 2. It splits in two parts where you don't need to complete Part 1 to start the Part 2.


  • The requirements for Part 1 were Marsh Badge and Fishing Lv 20+. You can no longer do the Part 1.
  • Requirements for Part 2 is the Volcano Badge and at least 5,000 Pokedollars. You can no longer do the Part 2.


  • The rewards for Part 1 was 8,000 Pokedolar
  • The rewards for Part 2 were 2 Transportation Tickets, 5,000 Pokedollar and 1 Metal Coat.

Part 1

Step 1


After talking with Mayor Bernard at Route 20, head to Fuchsia City and talk with Lara. Lara will request your assistance to find a new place to live and she will mention a NPC named Erik who will help her in her new temporary home.

Step 2


After talking with Lara enter in the house located on her's left side and talk with Erik. Erik will request you to find a Baby Tentacool at Route 19.The Baby Tentacool is currently a Lv 1 Tentacool found by fishing only. All you need to do is to catch the Baby Tentacool and then add in your party to show to Erik you had caught the Baby Tentacool.

Step 3
Talk to Lara once again and she will thank you because Erik will let her to enter in his house for safety untill she can find a better place. She will reward you 4,000 pokedollar.

Step 4


Go back to Route 20 and talk with Major Bernard once again. Now he's worried about a guy named Zack and the Major wants you to watch him in Pallet Town.

Step 5


Once in, talk with Zack and he wants you to talk with Emma as she has a place for rent in her house.

Step 6


Go inside the house Zack is standing out and talk with Emma. She will requires you yo fish a Baby Staryu in order to shelt Zack. Baby Staryu can be found in Pallet Town by fishing only and Baby Staryu is a Lv 1 Staryu. All you need to do is to catch the Baby Staryu and then add in your party to show to Zack you had caught the Baby Staryu.

Step 7
Talk to Zack once again and he will thank you because Emma will let him to enter in her house for safety untill he can find a better place. He will reward you 4,000 pokedollar.

Step 8
Go back to Mayor Bernard and he will tell you he's glad about hearing Zack and Lara are safe and he will tell you he will be more focused about the volcanic eruption. Congratulations!

Part 2

Step 1


Go talk with Contractor Andrew and he needs your help to convince Blaine to come back to the island. Once you talk with Blaine you need defeat him in battle to receive the first Personal Letter from him.

Step 2

Pokémon Trainer Pokémon

REP Gain: ?
Link=TorkoalTorkoal                              Level. 81323small.pngCamerupt                              Level. 82
Link=Magcargo Magcargo                              Level. 83Link=Rapidash Rapidash                              Level. 83
Link=Houndoom Houndoom                              Level. 84Link=Magmortar Magmortar                              Level. 85

Once you have defeated Blaine go back and talk with Contractor Andrew once again. He will thank you and request you to find 4 NPCs. These NPCs are called Nursey Joy, Lara, Merchant Paul and Zack which can be found in Cinnabar Tunnel East,Fuchsia City, Viridian Forest and Pallet Town respectively. Each of them will give to you their Personal Letter.

Step 3


Once you have got all 4 Personal Letters go back to Route 20 and talk with Contractor Andrew again, he will request you to find Importer Terry in Vermilion City to get the materials. Importer Terry will want you to find Assistant Billy located in Mt Moon F1

Step 4


After that Assistant Billy will request you to find the papers scattered around the Mt Moon F1 by clicking on the small path of rocks similar to the ones he's near to find the Paper, it is placed at random by the server.

Step 5


Once you have found the paper talk with Assistant Billy again and he will tell you the papers must be signed by Officer Jenny at Pewter City so you can deliver it back to Importer Terry in Vermilion City. Importer Terry will gift you 2 Transportation Tickets and 5,000 Pokedollar.

Step 6
Go back to Route 20 and talk with Contractor Andrew once again. He will thank you and will gift you a Metal Coat. Congratulations!