Whirl Islands Quest

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Whirl Islands Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Whirl Islands Quest.

Starting Point
   Route 40   
Storm Badge
Wind Surfboard

The Whirl Islands Quest is a Quest starting on Route 40 located to the west of Olivine City. To begin the Quest: speak to the NPC named Meredith. She will tell you how a couple of her family members have gone missing in the Whirl Islands and if you can find them for her. Once you've completed the Quest, you will be given a Dragon Scale as a reward.

Finding Mother Anne


Starting at Route 40, use your surfboard and surf downward to Route 41, keep surfing until you reach some rocks. Then make your way around the island by going either left or right while sticking to the rocks surrounding it. At the south end of the island there is a small gap between the rocks which allows you to gain access to the actual island. Now you have to walk around and surf to the other side as shown in the picture to get to the opening of the cave.

Mother Anne part 2

Once you’ve entered the cave; go to the right and jump down the first ledge. After having don that continue your way to the right, don’t bother talking to Spelunker Danny; he’s not important for this quest, and jump down the second ledge (don’t accidentally jump into the hole in the ground) . Now head up and go down the ladder which is located above Sailor Samuel. The next thing you have to do is going down this rocky road until you reach yet another ladder for you to climb down. You’ll find yourself standing beside Mitch, another “useless” NPC. Surf down, go down the waterfall, to the small patch of land with the ladder on it, and go up the ladder. Now you have to walk (and surf) through two small chambers which will lead you to a chamber with an exit to the south. Mother Anne will be standing at the other side of that exit. You have now found Meredith’s first family member! Caution: there is a ledge at the other side of the exit; don’t jump down before speaking to Mother Anne!

Finding Brother Julian

Once you’ve talked to Mother Anne; jump down the ledge and simply walk to the right, Brother Julian should be easy to spot. You’ve now reached the halfway point!

Finding Father Bob


Continue your way down, climb the ladder and leave the cave. Once you’re outside of the cave you have to get to the other side of this island as well, so you could go through the gap that’ll lead to the open water. Start by surfing to the left and then go up when there aren’t any rocks to block your way. You’ll find that you’re surfing between two islands now. Go to the left island by surfing up and, once again, enter the island through a narrow gap, when you’ve succeeded you can go into the cave (The picture can come in handy completing this step).

Father Bob part 2

Once inside the cave, go down the ladder, walk down the staircase that is closest to you, and move to the right. And there he is, Father Bob, in plain sight. You’re almost there!

Finding Brother George

Go back to the “entrance” of this room, but instead of going up the ladder; head south. All the way down. Walk past Trainer Rusty and go, for the last time, down the ladder. Brother George will be there at the other end. Hooray, you’ve found all four family members!

Ending the Quest

Retrace your steps and go back to Meredith on Route 40, she will thank you and give you Dragon Scale as reward.

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