Wind Surfboard Quest

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Wind Surfboard Quest

Talk to this NPC to begin the Wind Surfboard Quest.

Starting Point
   Surf Shack   
Access to Fuchsia City or Olivine City
Logic and problem solving capabilities
Up to PokémonDollar.png75,000 if you lack Requirement #2

The Wind Surfboard Quest is a mini-quest for obtaining a Wind Surfboard, which allows you to surf the water. The Wind Surfboard is required for the Elite 4 Quest which will grant you access to the next region (Kanto/Johto). The quest entails a singular riddle where you must determine the item and position of four individuals.


Surface Level Information

Route 19 - Kanto Surf Shack
Olivine City - Johto Surf Shack

If you started in Kanto, head south of Fuchsia City to Route 19. The Kanto Surf Shack will be to your right. If you started in Johto, the Surf Shack will be the green roof-top building next to the Pokémon Center.

Once inside the Surf Shack, speak to Ted and he will give you a riddle to solve. You can obtain the Wind Surdboard for free if you are competent and careful. You are given a series of clues and must determine which of four trainers has which of the four items, and what position those trainers are in.

For each wrong answer, you must pay PokémonDollar.png15,000 in order to get the Wind Surfboard, up to PokémonDollar.png75,000. Remember you need the surfboard to complete the game, and PokémonDollar.png75,000 is a lot of money for newer players, so take your time, and most importantly do not guess!

Note: Use a piece of paper and a pen to write down the clues and you will be able to solve it without guessing. The clues and respective answers are different for every player, so you can't simply copy another individual's answers.

The clues are roughly in the following format (these are just examples, not the answers):

  • Clue 1: Nick either has the Sails, or he is position #3.
  • Clue 2: Jobey has the Sails, and somebody else has the Rudder. (this tells us Nick can't have the Sails, so Nick must be position #3)
  • Clue 3: Reese does not have the Rigging, and he is either position #3 or #2. (we know Nick is position #3 from the last clue, so therefore we know Reese is position #2)
  • Clue 4: Mandy is position #1 and has the Mast, or she is position #2. (we already know Reese is position #2, so Mandy must be position #1 and have the Mast)

From all this we know Jobey is #4, the only position remaining. And Nick must have the Rigging because Reese does not have it. So Reese must have the last item, the Rudder. Once you are sure you know who has which items and what positions they are in, you can answer the riddle, and you will be given the surfboard.

Note: The names of the NPCs and items were made-up for this example.

Sometimes We Slip N' Fall

Sometimes we don't get enough sleep which may have led to accidentally failing the riddle. If this happens, no worries, there are plenty of ways to pay for the Wind Surfboard parts. For newer players, Pokédollars can be definitively earned by defeating NPCs and fainting wild Pokémon. The amount of Pokédollars you can obtain is level-based, and therefore, you should find the strongest NPCs or highest-leveled wild Pokémon to farm some cash.

The farming for cash can be a pain and feel like an endless grind, but all the community has to say is: Welcome to PWO! If you find this process to be unbearable then you may need to reconsider how far you wish to progress in the game because this MMO is not for the faint of heart. Hopefully, you stick it out with us and let this experience strengthen your resolve to be the very best.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Surf's Up!


Special thanks to thunderclap for providing the original text and content for the guide, which can be found here: thunderclap's Forum Post