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Template:Protected/Discord The Staff of Pokemon World Online have created a Discord ([1]) server to assist in helping out new and prospecting members. To use the Discord, a web browser (does not require a download) or the Discord App (requires download) should be used.

The Authenticity of PWO Discord

The Discord Channels #general, #trade, #rules, and #announcements are the Official Chatrooms for Pokemon World Online. These channels are both located on the provided Pokemon World Online server invitation.

To allow the Discord to be properly maintained, a "Discord Staff" group exists in PWO that can contains both PWO Staff and regular members. The users within this group are tasked with managing all elements of the Discord Server, as well as making decisions regarding rule sets, user ranks, operating procedures and so on within said channels, and their decisions are considered officially binding.

PWO Game Administrators and Developers have the right to Ownership status in the server.

#pwo and #pwo-other

Basic Commands

General Commands and Navigation

General commands are important for the navigation of any Discord network.

Changing your nickname

To change your nickname, type the following:

/nick nickname

Basic User Information

If you left click on a user, you will see information such as their server rank, ID, etc.


Personal Interaction with other Users

In order to private message a user, right click their name and choose "message". The PM will appear in the top left of your screen. Also available by right clicking: Blocking a user, Adding user as a friend, etc.

Example of right click menu:
Example of private messages:

Leaving the server:

In order to leave the Pokemon world Online Discord, click on the server name at the top left and choose "Leave Server."


Mentioning a User

You can ping specific users by typing @username. This will usually notify them.


Embedding Links, Attaching Files, and !rank

New users will not be able to embed links or attach files until they have become a Regular user. You must participate in chat to automatically be promoted to a Regular user. By sending messages, you can level up. Members that reach level 4 become a member. To check your level, type !rank @yourname into the chat.

General Settings:

In order to personalize your experience, click on the small gear icon at the bottom left (user settings).


Settings include when you receive notifications, the overlay theme, etc.


Registering your nickname simply means that it belongs to you and no one else can use it. Nicknames do not expire. Discord requires you to go through a basic registration process when you first join, but does not require you to verify your email in order to use its services.


Basic activity information about a user. Once a user is level 4, they will be automatically promoted to the "Regular" rank and be allowed to embed links/attach images.

 !rank @nickname

Change Account Information

To change your password, email, or account name, click on the gear (user settings) on the bottom left:


You'll be given an overview of your account. Click the "edit" button. You will then be taken to a window that lets you edit your username, email, and password.



The following are the official rules for the Official PWO Chatrooms (#pwo and #pwo-other). Modifications to these rules should only be done with staff permission after a ruling by senior IRC Staff. These rules apply to both chatrooms, with the exception that the language in #pwo-other may or may not be English.

Rule One

Listen to staff directives.

They are there to help you, whether with any game issues you may have or with understanding and acceptance of the rules. If you have an issue with an IRC Staff member you may bring it up in the chatroom on the condition that this is done with respect to the staff member and the other people in the chatroom.

Repeating behaviour that you have been warned/kicked/muted for will not be tolerated. You may also ask a staff member to discuss any issues with you in PM and they may also ask you to take issues with rules or rulings to PM if that is deemed a more appropriate place to discuss them.

You may not ignore a Staff Member.

Server-Wide Rules

All of Discord's server-wide rules apply to the Pokemon World Online Discord and must be observed at all times.

a) No XDCC/Warez.
b) No P-O-R-Nography
c) No user will harbor a botnet.
d) No user will launch malicious attacks.
e) No advertising other IRC networks.

Spamming and Flooding

Spamming and/or flooding any of the PWO Discord chatrooms is strictly prohibited and will result in action being taken against you, such as a mute, kick or ban. This rule includes, but is not limited to:

a) Repetition: Posting the same line repeatedly within a certain time frame. HELP PLZ!! HELP PLZ!! HELP PLZ!! HELP PLZ!!
b) Symbols Spam: Posting 'Nonsense' lines. asdflkjasdfljksdfljksdflkjsdfdf sssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * ( ! @ & #
c) Enter/Return Mania: One word per line, such as:
I love
d) All Caps: Typing in all caps. We can see your lines just fine. WHEN WILL THE SERVER BE UP!? Or WHEN WILL REGISTRATION BE UP!?!
e) ASCII Spam: Posting text based images while others are talking.
f) Smiley/Emoticons Spam: Constantly or randomly posting smilies/emoticons. IE: : ) : ) : ) : ) : )
g) General SPAM: Anything typed out with the intent of being or that becomes annoying/disrupting the flow of the chat.
(eg: /me spam-
mynick is good
mynick is great
mynick does cartwheels
mynick likes cats)


All PWO IRC Channels are “Family Friendly” so we request that you show manners, respect and appropriateness to all users and staff while talking in our channels. This includes, but is not limited to:

a) No bashing, flaming, insulting, or hostility to any users
i) Racial/Ethnical Slurs
ii) 'Name Calling'
iii) Attacks on a persons Mentality/IQ
b) Foul language/Swearing/Cussing
i) Words like heck, damn, crap and other less vulgar words are considered acceptable when used mildly.
ii) Do not avoid censors. Censoring is still swearing.
iii) Implied swearing is still swearing.
iv) Ultimately, it's wiser to avoid the use of all foul language
c) No inappropriate nicknames. If it isn't to be discussed about, it isn't to be nickname. This includes implied nicks.
d) No trolling
i) Lying, especially about the game/server
ii) Attention seeking
iii) Hacking
iv) Impersonation of other users

Discussion Language

Please make sure that while talking in our channels, that you abide by the following language rules and guidelines:

a) English is the game's primary language (We can't assist you if we don't understand you).
b) You may use other languages; other languages must follow the same rules as English.

Be aware that you are more likely to get a prompt response if you use English, so it may be worth your while using the Google Translator page if nobody is available to talk to you in your own language.

Topics and Discussions

Technically we don’t restrict the actual topics discussed in #pwo and #pwo-other. However considering the age of many people who play PWO and chat here some restrictions are inevitable. Below are some guidelines in this area:

a) The primary purpose for the Pokemon World Online Discord server is to support for PWO players. Please place all conversations on hold and assist them if possible before continuing other discussions.
b) Trade requests are to be made in #trade. They should not be done in #general.
c) Excessive roleplaying, Q&A trivia and other chatroom games may be considered too spammy and disruptive to general chatting and help. If this happens it may be necessary to take the game to another chatroom. If this becomes commonplace, the server staff will create a specific chatroom.
d) There is no official topic in the #general channel. Anything (within rules) can be discussed, as long as it's done in an appropriate manner.
e) If a server staff member feels the conversation is becoming too inappropriate, they may request you to change topics.
f) Be respectful of all ages.
i) Explicit discussions need to be taken to a PM
ii) If you're not sure:
1) Ask a moderator (or other Staff) in a PM. If a staff member is not present, don't say it.
2) Take it to a PM: Right click the user in question.
3) Join/Create another chat room or server.
g) Avoid discussions involving illegal activities (even if it's not illegal in your area). Including but not limited to:
i) Drugs (including marijuana)
ii) Hacking
iii) Macroing/Botting
iv) Roms/Emulators


In order to prevent further action being taken against an innocent user, we request that you follow the following guidelines to protect your nickname (username) in the IRC Chatroom so that it cannot be abused.

a) To further avoid impersonation, please register your name.
b) Discord will give you notifications on how to verify your email.


These rules and guidelines for advertising external links/internal channels, is in place to protect users from potentially dangerous websites or chat channels of a different appropriateness. These Rules and Guidelines include, but are not limited to:

a) Do not advertise other online pokemon games. Basic discussion is allowed but be wary that you aren't accidentally drumming up interest in a competitor.
b) External links may be posted as long as it does not:
i) Violate the IRC rules (even if it's outside the IRC)
ii) Contain direct downloads (exceptions being PWO endorsed links)
iii) Contain malicious links.
c) Do not post channels/websites simply for getting users
d) Do not advertise other Discord servers. PWO Staff cannot vouch for the content in rooms not controlled by them.

PWO Discord Staff

You may identify PWO Discord Staff through the following signs:

  1. Bot - Pink name. Have a [bot] tag next to their name. These are robots that automatically enforce basic rules, such as removing vulgarity and spam.
  2. Staff - Green name. When clicked, user info will display "Staff." These users are ingame staff in PWO. They are not required or expected to moderate the chat.
  3. Moderator - Blue name. When clicked, user info will display "Moderator." These users are expected to enforce chat rules.
  4. Admin - Orange name. When clicked, user info will display "Admin." These users oversee the server and promotions/demotions of staff/other users.

Discord also shows hierarchy through its user list, if applicable. http://prntscr.com/fct93c

a) If you're told that you are in violation of the rules, cease your actions immediately. Staff will always warn first before kicking for ‘minor’ offenses. If you are kicked consider it a stronger warning.
b) If you are Muted you are one step away from a ban- consider it your final warning. Attempting to avoid a Mute by relogging or changing nicknames will in most cases lead to a Ban.
c) Ban Evasion will in every case get your ban extended.
d) If you have an issue with a ruling, feel free to report your complaint by PMing one of the IRC Chat Leaders. Please include proper logs (copy and paste) of the incident. If you do not have logs, please include a time period of the incident. The IRC Chat Leaders are: HitmonFonty (http://pokemon-world-online.net/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=30749), and Pansy (http://pokemon-world-online.net/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=1388).
e) If you are banned from the channel you may post on the PWO IRC forums and appeal your ban. If you are abusive on the forums it will be treated appropriately by the Forum Moderators. (This is to all forum mods, close the topics immediately after an IRC Mod / IGN Mod (that's in irc) responds to why this person is banned.)

Misc and Other

All of the Rules and Guidelines that do not fall under any other category can be found here, nevertheless they must still be followed while chatting in any of the PWO IRC Channels. They include, but are not limited to:

a) Channels:
i) If you want to create a channel, first look for another channel that you can use. Channel recycling is a promoted action here. To view all channels use /list.
ii) Do not use auto-response bots/macros/scripts in the main PWO channels unless approved by the IRC Leaders. However, they are allowed in user-ran channels such as tournament channels.
iii) Please avoid constantly entering/leaving the channels.
iv) Please avoid constantly changing nicks
b) The IRC is not an alternative to Server Status checking or PWO_ Twitter watching for up to date Server information. Do not ask about the Server in #pwo or #pwo-other instead refer to the Site Information on the subject.
c) If you are given a definitive answer to your query, do not keep spamming the chatroom if you are not satisfied with the answer. Nor should you post on the forums about the same topic unless IRC Staff suggest it would be worthwhile. If IRC Staff are unsure of a solution to your query they will tell you.
d) Please do not give personal / account information in the open chatrooms. And always be extremely careful of what private information you give to anyone in Private Messages.