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General Information

Is this game made by Nintendo?

No, this is a fan-made game based on previous Handhelds originally started by Kyro. Originally the game was under management of KyroCorp, and led first by Kyro; then by Zammbi after Kyro retired in mid-2009. Since March 2011, Pokemon World Online is now owned by CodeCore Entertainment and remains active on new servers.

How long has this game been online?

The website has been online since December 11, 2007. The very first beta of the game was released on December 27, 2007.

What long term goals do the Developers plan for this game?

While the game started with the Kanto region following Leaf Green, plans held for the future are very broad. Every region, Pokémon, item, and skill from the Pokémon series will eventually be added. When the designers run out of new material to add, they will add new, exclusive material. Examples of exclusive material that are in the game/may be implemented include: quests, new areas, guilds, selling Pokémon to NPCs, real-estate (this is speculation), and more. It will suffice to say that this game will never truly be complete, because there will always be new updates thanks to a hard-working and dedicated staff.

I have a question, what do I do?

Well, there are a few ways to find your answer. You can ask an in-game player, ask a Community Guide, post your question in the forums in the correct forum, ask someone in the PWO IRC, or search the forums or Wiki to find a thread or article regarding your question, which will most likely have the answer in it.

Account Information

Where do I register for the game?

Follow the instructions listed in Account Registration.

I made a new account. Should I give other people my password?

This is common sense but no no NO! Do not give it to family members, do not give it to your friends, do not give it to any staff either! You are liable for everything that happens on your account and if something happens to your account because you gave away your password, your problem will most likely not be fixed. it also is against the rules to share your account, since only the person who created the account is authorized to use it, thus it may end up banned for account sharing as well.

How do I become a member and what are the advantages?

Please see the membership page for information on how to become a member and its advantages.

I was muted/kicked/banned. Why?

If you have been muted or banned, then you have not followed the game rules. The extent of these punishments depend on how serious the rule-bending is. If it is minor, then it will be either a mute or a kick. If it is more serious, it may result in a temporary ban lasting a few days. Excessive trolling and cheating may earn a permanent ban. Continuing to do this on alternate accounts may also result in an IP ban. If you're kicked while AFK or kicked by a member of staff ingame, this results in a 2 minute ban.

How do I access the forums/report bugs or hackers?

First, you need to register an account for the game. You can visit the forums from here. When you are located to the home page of the forums, click "Sign In" at the upper right corner and enter your game account info. You should be able to make posts and topics then. You cannot directly make a new account on the forums. Report all bugs on the tracker and report hackers in the Community Watch board.

How do I get tokens for my account?

Tokens are a type of currency that currently can only be used on the Playerdex Token Store. You can earn tokens via a number of different ways.
  • Donation: 1 token is given for every dollar donated as an reward.
  • To note: Other players can donate and have the tokens sent to your account.
  • Downtime: If downtime is over 2 hours, 3 random players are chosen who have at least 1 hour gametime on their account and have played within 24 hours of the game going offline. The 3 players will receive 1 token.
  • Twitter Giveaway: Giveaways that are run on the @PWO_ Twitter account.

I registered my Account on Playerdex but I cannot log into the Forums. Why is that?

If you're having issues logging into your forum account, you need to log into the Playerdex and do a password reset. If you continue to have issues, you need to contact an Administrator or Developer.

Staff Information

Main Article: Staff

What is a [CG]?
A [CG] (or Community Guide) is a community representative whose staff work entails community relations—being the face of the community. It is their job to represent the staff and solidify your relation with the staff. Their most commonly practiced is function is helping out players, as well as being the voice of the staff—generally keeping the community well informed, and listening to the community's opinions and concerns. They can help you if you are stuck on a map (not if you are stuck in a battle). They are not always liable or responsible to answer all of your questions, however. They are volunteers, so they have the right to choose to answer your questions or not. You cannot apply for a position as Community Guide.

What is a [DEV]?
A [DEV] is a "Developer", or programmer, that has similar powers to a [ADMINS]s and more. Instead of moderating the game, DEVs are in charge of the game's programming including the game client, server programming and any other websites/devices used to run the game. This is the highest rank obtainable and will only be given to trusted people who displayed excellent conduct in and around the game as well as showing an outstanding knowledge of programming. And once again, these are volunteers. If you wish to apply for DEV, contact Xanatus.
What is a [GE]?
A [GE] is a "Game Editor". The GE title is an envelope for smaller branches of anyone who adds content to the game in some way, included in this title are Artists, Mappers, Composers, Journalist and Scrippters. Here is a break down of all the smaller branches withen the GE title.
Scripters - They are in charge of editing existing content within the game (such as NPCs and spawns) and adding new content to the game. All Game Editors are volunteers. You cannot apply for a position as GE.
Artists - Artists are people who helps make pixel art for the game. They help make Pokémon sprites, trainer sprites, map tiles and more. The leader of the artist group is referred to as the Lead Artist. Most artists are volunteers. If you are interested in becoming an artist, you should post a portfolio here.
Composers - Composers are in charge of handling the music and sound effects that are heard while playing Pokémon World Online. The composers, like all other staff, are volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a composer, you should post a portfolio here.
Mappers - Mappers are staff members who helps in making maps (in other words places and cities), for the game. They help recreate the regions from the Handhelds and occasionally create custom areas. All mappers are volunteers. If you are interested in mapping, you should post a portfolio of your work here.
Journalists - Journalist are people who helps with communication between the staff and the rest of the players of Pokémon World Online. Journalists are in charge of making news posts that inform the players of what is going on behind the scenes. They are also in charge of informing the playerbase of recent and possible future updates. A leader of the Journalist group is referred to as the Lead Journalist. All Journalists are volunteers.
Note: The Journalists rank is currently closed. For more details, refer to this post.
What is a [GM]?
The [GM]s, also known as "Global Moderators", are responsible for issues between players. They can transfer Pokémon, kick, mute, and ban players from the game for improper conduct. (Improper conduct includes using 3rd party programs to gain an advantage, glitch exploitation, and general rule-breaking.) The main responsibilities of GMs are to moderate the game as a whole and to and work on cases that involve the game or the forums. All Game Moderators are volunteers. You cannot apply for a position as GM.

Server-Related Information

The game will not let me log in. Why does this happen?

Most likely the game is either frozen or offline. If it is offline, then a member of staff who has server access will need to restart it. The duration in which it is offline, is unknown.

When I log in, the map is black, my character is standing on a single grass tile and no one is speaking in chat. Why is that?

It means the server is full. Look at the chat to find a System message explaining that your connection to the server was refused due to being full. Log off and try to log in again.

The map around me is all the same grass tile or all black.

The request for the map timed-out and failed to load properly. While you can still move around the map, you will still be bounded by the obstacles that would be there if the map loaded correctly. To fix this problem, log out of the game and attempt to log into the game again.

When my game crashed, a message pops up saying "user already in system"? Does this mean someone hacked me?

The chances of someone's account getting hacked is very low. Your account may be experiencing the "user in system", or UIS, bug in which your account does not log off the game when you exit. The server automatically kicks off accounts that are AFK for 7 minutes so please wait patiently for that to occur. A Guide may also kick off your account but they are not required to. Please do not harass the Guides to kick off your accounts.

My battle froze. What shall I do?

It is simple: just log off or type /quit. Guides will not kick your account for being stuck in battle. They will also not kick you off just because you are afraid of getting the "UIS bug." Please do not harass the Guides to kick you off.

How do I raise a Lv. 2 Bulbasaur with only Growl?

To train a Pokémon that does not have any damaging attacks, simply have the Pokémon participate in the battle. The easiest way to accomplish this is to move the Pokémon into the first position and then switch that Pokémon out on the first turn. The experience-sharing system will allow the Pokémon to gain some experience for the battle.

Why didn't my Charmander learn Metal Claw?

Though not intentionally, some Pokémon do not learn certain moves at their designated levels. To learn or re-teach a move, go to and log-in with your game account. Find the Pokémon you wish to teach and click "Edit Moves." Remember, it costs 500 PokéDollars per level to edit moves. Make sure you are not in the game while you perform this.

Gameplay Information

What are the game's controls?

1. Arrow Keys, AWSD - Walking
2. SPACE BAR - Talk to NPCs (Non-playable characters), read signs and interact with objects
3. ENTER + - Speak in chat with other players
4. Left Mouse Button - Selects/confirms choices
5. Right Mouse Button - Extra commands (try right-clicking a player)

How do I obtain a Pokédex?

Speak to Professor Shane in Pallet Town and you will receive it and be able to view Pokémon data. There is a functional Pokédex feature at

How do I earn Pokédollars?

You may gain some from defeating wild Pokémon and NPCs. You do not earn Pokémoney from PvP (player vs. player) battles. You may trade Pokémoney with other players once you acquired 5 badges and access to one of the Union Rooms.

What is Reputation?

Reputation is a meter for judging your battle experience and, depending on its current value, allows you to battle certain NPCs or unlock other abilities such as trading and creating guilds.
Currently, the main way to increase your Reputation is by winning battles. You earn between 0.2 to 0.4 Rep points from defeating a NPC. You earn 5% of your opponent's rep points from defeating a human player, but you can lose rep by losing to other players.

How do I re-order my team?

Right-click one of your Pokémon at the top of your screen and select a position to switch with.

Where do I go to heal my Pokémon?

In most towns/cities, there are buildings with a red roof called a Pokémon Center. Simply enter inside the Pokémon Center and your team will be healed.

How do I release my Pokémon?

Right-click on the Pokémon you want to release, and click on the red "Release" button, then click on "Yes" on the pop-up dialog box. An additional method is to type /release position, replacing the position parameter with the position of the Pokémon, you want to release, in your party. After your Pokémon is released, a Pokémon from your PC will shift to your party, to replace its slot.
Note: Either method requires you to be inside a Pokémon Center to release the Pokémon.

How do I store Pokémon into my PC?

Currently, you can not deposit Pokémon into your PC box; you can only swap out a Pokémon from your PC with a Pokémon in your party. Once your party is full, the next Pokémon you capture will automatically be stored in your PC. Once a Pokémon is in your PC, you can swap it with a Pokémon in your party, by right-clicking on it in the PC box, and selecting the position in your party you want to swap it with.

Where do I go to buy Poké Balls and Potions?

In most towns/cities, there are buildings with a blue roof called a PokéMart. Inside most Pokémarts will be two till operators. The first sells common items such as Poké Balls and Potions. These are always in stock and have fair, consistent prices, so you are always able to get the basic necessities for any Trainer. Talking to the other shopkeeper will take you to the Trainer's Pokémart, where you can buy, sell, auction or bid for most of the items available within PWO at prices decided by the players. These prices fluctuate wildly each day and stock for all items is limited to how many are being sold by each player, so it can be hard to get some items this way, but you can sometimes find cheap deals so keep your eyes peeled!

How do I exit the game/log off?

Clicking the X at the upper right corner, the first time while logged in will return you to the log-in screen. If for some reason this does not work, enter /quit in the chat - this will have the same effect as clicking on the X if logged in. If you are on the log-in screen, clicking on X will close the client. Alternatively, there are two other computer functions that allows you to close PWO. One, press ALT + F4. Two, press CTRL + ALT + Delete, open up the Task Manager and End Task for PWO. The latter method is NOT recommended unless the game has crashed, as you are forcing the game to terminate, which may cause data loss!

How do I save my game?

Being a multi-player game that is constantly online, Pokémon World Online saves itself automatically. Once you begin play, your progress will be saved automatically every few minutes, as well as when you log-out or after major data changes such as when completing a trade. If you want to force a save, the best thing to do is log-out and wait a minute before rejoining. If the game is taken down for maintenance, accounts will also be saved before the server is taken offline.
Note that if the server crashes or is taken offline, any further saving will fail because no connection will be available to the database to store the data. In which case you should log-off straight away. If the server has crashed, some data loss may occur. You may not hold PWO Staff responsible for any lost progress, Pokémon or items occurring as a result of a crash.

How do I battle another player?

Type the command in chat: /battle playername OR right-click a player and select "Battle." Please do not send multiple battle requests to the same player.

How do I trade Pokémon/PokéDollars?

First, you need to earn 5 badges, then, you need to go to either Celadon City or Olivine City and register for a Union Room. Make your account and set your password. Once that is done, you need to go to ethier Saffron in Kanto, or Goldenrod in Johto, and go to the 2nd floor of the Pokecenter in either. The 2nd floor of these Pokecenters are known as Union Rooms and are rooms in which you will be able to trade with other players.

How do I activate trade evolutions?

Main article: Trading
You need to trade 1 Pokédollar and make sure your Pokémon is in your team. You don't need to trade the actual Pokémon! Once you trade 1 Pokédollar, your Pokémon should evolve. To trade both players must have access to a Union Room and be in the same Union Room.

Why does my Pokémon have more experience than required to achieve the next level (e.g. 200/100)

Overflow experience occurs when a Pokémon gains a relatively large amount of experience from a single Pokémon. Pokémon can only level up once per Pokémon it faints. Therefore, if a Pokémon receives more experience from a single Pokémon than what is required to level up twice (e.g. a Pokémon which is level 5 gains enough experience to reach level 7) it will only level up once and the rest of the experience will still be visible on that Pokémon's information window in-game. If this occurs, one must simply battle and faint another Pokémon for that Pokémon to reach the next level.

Content-related Information

Will legendary Pokémon be added to the game?

There are currently no plans for legendary Pokémon to be made a regular part of the game. Legendary Pokémon are meant to have unique prestige to them, which would be detracted if they were circulated into the playerbase. Although NPCs may deploy legendary Pokémon for players to battle, and record seen-data entries on, it is considered infeasible for them to be catchable in any fashion to players.

Will more Pokémon and regions be added?

Hoenn is the only region planned to be integrated into the game, apart from existing regions. This will require a new client, to properly render the layering scheme that is needed for some Hoenn maps. When Hoenn is added, it will be conventional for new Pokémon to be made available as well—namely 4th-generation Pokémon. Most Pokémon, apart from legendary Pokémon, are intended to be made catchable when areas, which can be considered their logical habitat, have been added in-game.

Outside Chat Information

What is the IRC?

Main Article: IRC Chatroom
PWO's IRC was made specifically for PWO and it's players. Click here for information about the IRC and its rules. Both channels offer members to give support for any problems you may have. IRC channel staff may not necessarily be PWO Staff.