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Is this game made by Nintendo? No, this is a fan-made game based on previous Handhelds originally started by Kyro. This game is currently under management by Zammbi. Nintendo is already aware of PWO and it will not likely take action against PWO.

How do I access the forums/report bugs or hackers? First, you need to register an account for the game. You can visit the forums from here. When you are located to the home page of the forums, click "Sign In" at the upper right corner and enter your game account info. You should be able to make posts and topics then. You cannot directly make a new account on the forums. Report all bugs on the tracker and report hackers in the Hidden Reports section under the "Community Watch" board.

Where do I register for the game? Go to http://beta.playerdex/register.php and follow the instructions.

I made a new account. Shall I give other people my password? This is a common sense but no no NO! Do not give it to family members, do not give it to your friends, do not give it to the GUIDEs or Staff either! You are liable for everything that happens on your account and if something happens to your account because you gave away your password, your problem will most likely not be fixed.

What is a [GUIDE]? A [GUIDE] is a chat moderator who is in the game to help answer your questions and also kick/mute players who break the rules. They can also help you if you are stuck on a map (not if you are stuck in a battle). They are not always liable or responsible to answer all of your questions. They are volunteers so they have the right to choose to answer your questions or not. You cannot apply for Guide.

What is a [GM]/[GML]? A [GM] is a "Game Master", who are similar to [GUIDE] only that they have more power in the game. In addition to muting and kicking, they can also ban players from the game for improper conduct, cheating and general rule-breaking. GMs usually do not moderate the in-game chat as the responsibility mainly rests with the GUIDEs. The GMs usually assist the DEVs with adding minor content into the game such as new maps and NPCs. A [GML], aka Game Master-ling or "GM-in-training", is a less powerful version of the [GM] rank. They also have the ability to kick, mute and ban players. They are volunteers as well. You cannot apply for GM/GML.

What is a [DEV]? A [DEV] is a "Developer", or programmer, that have similar powers to a [GM] and more. Instead of moderating the game, DEVs are in charge of the game's programming including the game client, server programming and any other websites/devices used to run the game. This is the highest rank obtainable and will only be given to trusted people who displayed excellent conduct in and around the game as well as showing an outstanding knowledge of programming. And once again, these are volunteers. If you wish to apply for DEV, look above this page and look in the tab "Team" and click "Recruitment." (Note: [DEV] is currently also used in game to mean "Administrator". Administrators are like DEVs, but they do not work on the game's programming)

What is a Mapper? A Mapper is a common player who helps in making maps, or places and cities, for the game. They help make the regions from the Handhelds and maybe more. Generally, they have no power over the game and they are volunteers as well. If you are interested in mapping, you need a forum account and a minimum of 20 posts in the forums. Then, take a look here: If you are interested in becoming a Mapper please see this Wiki topic:

What is a Spriter? A Spriter is a common player who helps make pixel art for the game. They help make Pokémon sprites, trainer sprites, map tiles and more. Generally, they have no power over the game and they are volunteers as well. If you are interested in spriting, you need a forum account and a minimum of 20 posts in the forums. Then, take a look here:

I was muted/kicked/banned. Why? If you have been muted or banned, then you have not followed the game rules. The extent of these punishments depend on how serious the rule-bending is. If it is minor, then it will be either a mute or a kick. If it is more serious, it may result in a temporary ban lasting a few days. Excessive trolling and cheating may earn a permanent ban. Continuing to do this on alternate accounts may also result in an IP ban.

How do I become a member and what are the advantages? By subscribing to the game, you can receive: 50% extra experience from every battle Double money when you battle wild Pokémon 300% increase chance of finding rare, stronger SHINY Pokémon Starting the 4th month, you will get free tokens equal to the month - 3 (IE: 4th: 1, 5th: 2, 6th: 3) up to a maximum of 45 (1 Year) We will be able to upgrade the servers and buy new ones to allow better performance Here you'll find some corrections to common mistakes. You do not get five free tokens just for becoming a member. You only get them for 4th Month and up. Prepaid gets them up front. You no longer get items or pokes for becoming a member. For more information and to subscribe go to the Playerdex (, login and then select Membership and Donations.

How long has this game been online? The website has been online since December 11, 2007. The very first beta of the game was released on December 27, 2007.

What long term goals do the Developers plan for this game? While the game started with the Kanto region following Leaf Green, plans held for the future are very broad. Every region, Pokémon, item, and skill from the Pokémon series will eventually be added. When the designers run out of new material to add, they will add new, exclusive material. Examples of exclusive material that are in the game/may be implemented include: quests, new areas, guilds, selling Pokémon to NPCs, real-estate (this is speculation), and more. It will suffice to say that this game will never truly be complete, because there will always be new updates thanks to a hard-working and dedicated staff.

I have a question, what do I do? Well, there are a few ways to find your answer. You can ask an in-game player, ask a Guide, ask a GM, post your question in the forums in the correct forum, ask someone in the PWO IRC, or search the forums or Wiki to find a thread or article regarding your question, which will most likely have the answer in it.

Common Problems

The game will not let me log in. Why does this happen? Three possible reasons. One: the server is full. Click "Select a Server" until you see Diamond ###/700 on the status bar. Two: the server is off-line. No one is able to log in. Three: the game is experiencing major lag or is frozen. There are currently only 700 slots in the server and more may be added in the future.

When I log in, the map is black, my character is standing on a single grass tile and no one is speaking in chat. Why is that? It means the server is full. Look at the chat to find a System message explaining that your connection to the server was refused due to being full. Log off and try logging in again.

When my game crashed, a message pops up saying "user already in system"? Does this mean someone hacked me? The chances of someone's account getting hacked is very low. Your account may be experiencing the "user in system", or UIS, bug in which your account does not log off the game when you exit. The server automatically kicks off accounts that are AFK for 10 minutes so please wait patiently for that to occur. A Guide may also kick off your account but they are not required to. Please do not harass the Guides to kick off your accounts.

My battle froze. What shall I do? It is simple: just log off or type /quit. Guides will not kick your account for being stuck in battle. They will also not kick you off just because you are afraid of getting the "UIS bug." Please do not harass the Guides to kick you off.

How did a Lv. 2 Rattata KO my lv. 8 Squirtle? Moves such as Tail Whip and Leer are currently bugged so they will have an overpower effect on low-levelled Pokémon. Remember, the battle system is incomplete and thus there will be many moves that do not work correctly.

How do I raise a Lv. 2 Bulbasaur with only Growl? Unfortunately, Exp. Points are not shared when you switch around Pokémon against a single enemy. To train a Pokémon like a 'no Tackle' Bulbasaur or Magikarp, you must capture a Pokémon with an attack that poisons the enemy (Poisonpowder is recommended); this may include Weedle (Poison Sting), Spinarak (Poison Sting), Nidoran (Poison Sting), Bellsprout (Poisonpowder), etc. Use poison on your foe and wait until the HP is low, then switch to Bulbasaur and use a turn.

Why didn't my Charmander learn Metal Claw? Though not intentionally, some Pokémon did not learn certain moves at their designated levels. To re-teach the move, go to and log in with your game account. Find the Pokémon you wish to teach and click "Edit Moves." Remember, it costs 500 Pokémoney per level to edit moves. Make sure you are not in the game while you perform this.


What are the game's controls? 1. Arrow Keys or AWSD - Walking 2. SPACE BAR - Talk to NPCs (Non-playable characters), read signs and interact with objects 3. ENTER + - Speak in chat with other players 4. Left Mouse Button - Selects/confirms choices 5. Right Mouse Button - Extra commands (try right-clicking a player)

How do I obtain a Pokédex? Speak to Professor Shane in Pallet Town and you will receive it and be able to view Pokémon data. There is a functional Pokédex feature at

How do I earn Pokémoney/Pokédollars? You may gain some from defeating wild Pokémon and NPCs. You do not earn Pokémoney from PvP (player vs. player) battles. You may trade Pokémoney with other players once you acquired 100 Rep points.

What is Reputation? Reputation is a meter that allows you to battle certain NPCs and also gives you other abilities such as trading and creating guilds. You earn 0.3 Rep points from defeating a NPC. You earn 5% of your opponent's rep points from defeating a human player. You can lose rep by losing to other players.

How do I re-order my team? Right-click one of your Pokémon at the top of your screen and select a position to switch with.

Where do I go to heal my Pokémon? In most towns/cities, there are buildings with a red roof called a Pokémon Center. Simply enter inside the Pokémon Center and your team will be healed.

Where do I go to buy Poké Balls and Potions? In most towns/cities, there are buildings with a blue roof called a PokéMart. Speak to the merchant inside to view a selection of items. Most of the time, it is best to buy from DEVs and GMs as some greedy players overpriced items.

How do I exit the game/log off? Clicking the X at the upper right corner, the first time while logged in will return you to the login screen. If for some reason this does not work, enter /quit in the chat - this will have the same effect as clicking on the X if logged in. If you are on the login screen, clicking on X will close the client. Alternatively, there are two other computer functions that allows you to close PWO. One, press ALT + F4. Two, press CTRL + ALT + Delete, open up the Task Manager and End Task for PWO.

How do I battle another player? Type the command in chat: /battle playername OR right-click a player and select "Battle." Please do not send multiple battle requests to the same player.

How do I trade Pokémon/Items/Pokémoney? First, you need to earn 30 Reputation points. Then, you need to be in the same Pokémon Center as the person you are trading with. Type the command in chat: /trade playername OR right-click the trade partner and select "Trade." Please do not intentionally steal or swindle the other player; if you are caught in the act, you can be banned from the game permanently.

How to do trade evolutions? You need to trade 1 pokedollar and make sure your pokemon is in your team. You don't need to trade the actual Pokémon! Once you trade 1 pokedollar, your pokemon should evolve. To trade both players must have 30 rep.

What is the IRC/IPChat? The IPChat is PWO's official chat and can be found through the forums ( The chat requires you to have a forum account - you will be unable to access it if you don't have an ingame account. If you either don't like the IPChat or can't visit it then you can visit our IRC Channel. Both channels will help and support immediately for any problems you may have. IRC channel staff may not necessarily be PWO Staff. The PWO IRC Java chat is located at this link (You can also use your own external IRC Client if you have one) The rules for IPChat can be found here while our IRC's channel rules can be found here.

How do I become a Voice/Half-Op/Op/Admin (Mod) on IRC? To become a mod, you must NEVER ask for it, but rather constantly abide by the IRC chat rules, and also help others constantly. If you have any questions please feel free to talk to Reborn (Bluerise), Zukiedo, or Mind on the IRC chat or on the forums (

When I log on, I see that I'm standing in darkness! What happened? The server may have filled up while you were logging in, or the login bugged, and so the server kicked you out. This causes you to stand on darkness because a map wasn't loaded. Exit the game and try logging in again.