Pokemon Hunters

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Pokemon Hunters

Throughout the history of Pokemon World Online it was always difficult to capture a low level Pokemon when our team consisted of high level Pokemon, especially when they are high tier or even shiny ones. Because of this, players decided to use pokemon trained to more easily catch Pokemon without making them faint. This guide will give you a sample of a Pokemon hunter, what moves it should have, pros & cons and how to get one of the best pokemon hunters: Smeargle and one of his best move-set for this.

Pokemon capture takes these into consideration:

  • The Catch Rate of pokemon (the lower it is, the harder it is to catch)
  • The HP (The less life be better; being red is optimal)
  • The type of Poké Ball (There are different types of quality, Ultra Ball being in most cases the best)
  • Any Status Effects you use (there are different ways to cause these affects, freeze or sleep being the best)

Avoid fainting the pokemon

Don't use super effective moves or those with a high chance of a critical hit against the Pokemon you are trying to catch for this will faint the Pokemon and make it impossible catch it. For this use the move "False Swipe" as it inflicts damage, but it will leave the target with 1 HP. These are the Pokemon who learn False Swipe via level up or Breeding (Egg move) and are obtainable.

Use Status Moves or Status Effects to make it easy

Use status moves or status effects to prevent the Pokemon run away or be more difficult to capture

Pokemon Hunters that use two or more moves to catch a Pokemon

  • Gengar(Hypnosis and Mean look)
  1. Pros: Tier 1, Used to catch Abra, Can be used on battles.
  2. Cons: Hypnosis can fail, you can't switch to another Pokemon if you use Mean Look.
  • Parasect(Spore, False Swipe, Giga Drain, X-Scissor)
  1. Pros: Tier 1, Used to catch almost all Pokemon, can be used on Npc battles with X-Scissor, Giga Drain to heal yourself,You can change its ability to Damp which prevents the use of self-destructing moves.
  2. Cons: It's the only Pokemon on this list that doesn't have a way to prevent the opponent from escaping the battle.
  • Gallade (Hypnosis and mean look {learn as Kirlia}, False swipe)
  1. Pros: Can be used on Npc battles, High base stats.
  2. Cons: Hypnosis can fail, Uncatchable rarity, only male Kirlia can evolve into Gallade.
  • Smeargle (Spore,False Swipe,Soak,Mean look)
  1. Pros: Can learn every move available on the game, Own Tempo (ability) prevents the Pokemon from becoming confused, can be used to catch all wild Pokemon (Soak for ghost type and mean look for Abra).
  2. Cons: Tier 5 Pokemon, Hard to train, poor stats, can't be used on any real battle with these moves.

Train a Smeargle to hunt Pokemon

*Warning* Smeargle can't re-learn sketch from playerdex so if you level up into 100 there is no way to go back, be sure of what moves you want on Smeargle before leveling to 100. (Think only can learn 7 Sketches when you catch it and this mean only can learn 7 moves).

Since Smeargle is a Pokemon that can learn any move of the game is the perfect candidate when capturing Pokemon but since the only way to teach moves in PWO is by fighting wild Pokemon, is not a viable option. This guide will teach you to get moves on Smeagle the safe way.

After we get these Pokemon we delete all other move via Playerdex

  • After this, we go in search of a wild Ditto. Recommended to search in Cerulean Cave, and wait for it to transform becoming just the Pokemon, then switch to Smeargle and use "Sketch". This process must be repeated four times to complete a Smeargle with all moves. (Optional: Use a Pokemon with good speed to quickly switch to the desired Pokemon to avoid unwanted fights)
  • Reminder: Smeargle can only learn one "Sketch" at a time, so level up after learning every move.

Finally we have our perfect Pokemon Hunter