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Pokémon World Online follows UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) for the timezone. There are a number of ways where you can check what the current time for UTC is.

From ingame

The command '/time' will display the current game time and UTC time.

From web browser

The Time.is website features a live running clock.

From taskbar


The following applies to Windows 7 and 8.

Windows allows you to add up to 2 additional clocks which you can read from your taskbar. To add an additional clock as can be seen from the screenshot on the right:

  1. Click on the time from the taskbar
  2. Click on 'Change date and time settings...'
  3. A new window should open, select the 'Additional Clocks' tab
  4. Select 'Show this clock'
  5. For the time zone, select '(UTC) Co-ordinated Universal Time'
  6. Type a display name of your choosing
  7. Click Apply then OK