Heat Crash

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Heat Crash

The user slams its target with its flame-covered body. The more the user outweighs the target, the greater the damage.

Base Power
  • Level-up - read the list of compatible Pokémon below.
Pokémon that learn it via level-up:
# Pokémon  Level 
498    498small.png     Tepig27
499    499small.png     Pignite31
500    500small.png     Emboar31

  • Bold indicates the Pokémon gains STAB from the move.
  • --- indicates the Pokémon learns the move instinctively.

Additional Information

  • Heat Crash power depends on the weight of both the user and the target; the lighter the target is in comparison to the user, the greater the power
Target's relative weight Power
More than 50% 40
33.34% - 50% 60
25% - 33.33% 80
20% - 25% 120
20% or less 150

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