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This article has been rendered obsolete by an update to PWO. This island, and it's associated quests, are no longer used.

Unknown - Starter Island

Starter Island


Starter's Island is a town located on an island somewhere near the Kanto and Johto regions. After completing all of its quests and travelling to a region, you cannot return to this area.

Points of Interest

The Pokemon Center

As you do not have any Pokemon, this Pokemon Center is not meant for healing your Pokemon. Instead, you can get sandwiches from here for Marty's family.

Cornelia's House

Cornelia and Charles lives here. Charles can teach you about how PvP battles work in this game. As a reward, Cornelia will give you $3000 for listening to her husband.

Lab on Left, House on Right

Professor Linden's Lab

Professor Linden's lab is where Professor Linden researches Pokemon. He is quite forgetful, and often loses papers. If you do something nice for him, he might give you a Pokedex.

The Pier

If you've finished all the quests on Starter's Island, the receptionist will ask you a question: "Where would you like to begin your adventure?" You may pick between Pallet Town in Kanto, or New Bark Town in Johto. There is also a ship sailor, Captain Marvin on the dock with his ship.
The Pier
The Choice