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Johto Map

Johto is one of the two regions available within Pokémon World Online.

Visiting Johto

Upon completing the Starters Island quest, Johto is one of the two starting region options, as well as Kanto, for players to select to depart to. The starters available for the region are Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita.

Players who started in Kanto may access Johto, after completing their adventure in the Kanto region. After obtaining all 8 Kanto badges and a Wind Surfboard, players may access Johto initially by surfing west through Tohjo Falls to New Bark Town.

An additional method of traveling to Johto is by use of the train station in Saffron City. This method will require a train pass; it can be obtained by doing the Kanto Train Quest, which will require a Marsh badge, obtained in Saffron City (the 6th Kanto gym), plus a Plain Badge, obtained in Goldenrod City (the 3rd Johto gym), to start. This quest may be started by speaking to an NPC in the Saffron City train station after all of the required badges (noted above) have been obtained.




Route 47 and Route 48 are currently not accessible in Pokémon World Online.